'Antony and Cleopatra' Act 2 Scene 7 Analysis

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What is significant about the way this scene starts?Again, lowly characters are commenting on the action of the superior characters.
What is significant about the First Servant's comments on Lepidus?They show even a lowly servant recognises his impotency in the triumvirate.
Why are people always offering drinks to Lepidus?To make him drunk, and thus make him look stupid and undermine his authority.
Why does Antony speak in lines that are eleven syllables long?To show he is slightly drunk and so beginning to lose control.
What is significant about Lepidus's question if there are strange serpents in Egypt? What literary technique is being used here?Cleopatra kills herself with a serpent. Prolepsis.
What is one word that Lepidus uses that signifies he is smashed?Pyramises.
How does Antony treat the drunk Lepidus?He mocks him in front of everybody,

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