Antiparasitic Drugs

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Question Answer
DOC for giardiasis and trichomoniaisisMetronidazole
DOC for systemic amoebiasisMetronidazole
Side effects include metallic tasteMetronidazole
Side effects include seizures. For trichomoniasis, giardiasis, and amoebiasisMetronidazole
Treats trichomoniasis, Binds DNA and proteinsMetronidazole
Can cause yellow scleraNitazoxanide
Inhibits pyruvate ferridoxin reductase (PFOR)Nitazoxanide
For giardiasis onlyNitazoxanide
Binds 16S ribosomal subunitParomomycin
Treat luminal amoebiasis. Causes optic neuritisIodoquinol
Can cause thyroid malfunctionIodoquinol
Drug that causes nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity. For luminal amoebiasisParomomycin
Drug of unknown mechanism. Treats luminal amoebiasisIodoquinol
Drug that blocks DNA and protein synthesis. Treats systemic amoebiasisDehydroemetine


Question Answer
Concentrates in macrophages, inhibits glycolysis and DNA/RNA synthesis, DOC for leishmaniasisStibogluconate
Secondary drug for leishmaniasisPentamidine
Treats leishmoniasis, causes arrythmiasStibogluconate
DOC for early stage trypanosomiasisSuramin
Drug for trypanosomaisis. Causes teratogenesis and anaphylactic shockSuramin
Concentrates in trypanosome, inhibits RNA polymeraseSuramin
Concentrates in trypanosome, directly binds DNAMelarsoprol
DOC for late stage trypanosomiasisMelarsoprol
Can cause arsenic style symptoms like ataxiaMelarsoprol
Concentrates in trypanosome and directly binds DNA. Also stops glycolysisPentamidine
Causes arrythmias and renal failure. Treats early stage trypanosomiasisPentamidine
Inhibits ornithine decarboxylase. Treats trypanosomiasisEflornithine
Can treat new world trypanosomiasisNifurtimox
Provides oxidative challenge to trypanosomeNifurtimox
For lice. Can cause peripheral neuropathyBenzene hexachloride
For lice. Inhibits neurotransmissionPyrethin
Contraindicated in pregnant women. Treats liceBenzene hexachloride