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Question Answer
Chlorambucilalkylating agents
cyclophosphamideAlkylating agents
mechlorethamineAlkylating agents
ProcarbazineAlkylating agents
CarboplatinAlkylating agents
CisplatinAlkylating agents
OxaliplatinAlkylating agents
6- MercaptopurineAntimetabolites
IrinotecanEnzyme Inhibitors
DanorubicinEnzyme Inhibitors
DoxorubicinEnzyme Inhibitors
EpirubicinEnzyme Inhibitors
IdarubicinEnzyme Inhibitors
MitoxantroneEnzyme Inhibitors
EtoposideEnzyme Inhibitors
BevacizumabMonoclonal Antibodies
CetuximabMonoclonal Antibodies
ObinutuzumabMonoclonal Antibodies
PanitumumabeMonoclonal Antibodies
PertuzumabMonoclonal Antibodies
RituximabMonoclonal Antibodies
TrastuzumabMonoclonal Antibodies

Section 2

Question Answer
Alkylating agentsMyelosuppression, Nausea and vomiting, secondary leukemias, sterility, infertility
AntimetabolitesMyeolosuppression, N/V, mucositis
AntimicrotubulesMyelosuppression, peripheral neuropathy, N/V potential is low

Section 3

Question Answer
CyclophosphamideHemorrhagic cystits-Mesna may be needed-, immunosuppression, associated with delayed N/V
MechlorethamineSignificant N/V, vesicant
ProcarbazineAvoid tyramine containing foods and drinks. avoid alcohol
carboplatinThrombocytopenia, Emogenicity, nephrotoxicity, neuropathy (less than cisplatin
CisplatinMax dose= 100mg, Highly emetogenic + delayedN/V, nephrotoxicity, ototoxicity
OxaliplatinReversible, peripheral sensory neuropathy caused by exposure to cold
MethotrexateHigh dose reqruies alkalinazation of urine. Leucovorrin required at high doses. Drug interactions to aspirin, NSAIDs, COX2Is, Phenytoin, cisplatin, bactrim, PCN, amphotericin, probenecid, barbiturates, omeprazole. Disease interactions- dehydration, aciduria, renal insufficiency, pleural efusion, ascites, GI obstruction, Dose limiting toxicitie= myelpsuppression and mucositis
PremetrexedPremeds required to reduce myelosuppression- dexamethasone 4 mg, vitamin B13 IM, Folic acid 300-1000mcg daily
FludarabineDose limiting toxicity: myeolosuppression and high risk of opportunistic infections. fever, chills
6-mercaptopurinePancreatits, Hepatotoxicity, Polymorphisms my lead to increased risk of neutropenia
CapecitabineHand foot syndrome, diarrhea, mucositis
CytarabineINtrahepatic cholestasis, Cholestatic jaundice, HIDAC- cereberal dysfuncton, Conjunctivitis/ Keratitis,
FluorouracilColon cancer (combine with folic acid), Diarhea, mucositis
GemcitabineFlu like symptoms-acetaminophen to treat
VincristineFatal if given intrathecally, Constipation, SIADH
VInbastineFatal if given intrathecally, neuropathy isn't as bad compared to vincristen
CarbazitaxolHTN rx- dexameth needed, Neutropenia, Diarrhea, N/V
DocetaxelHypersens rx. - dexameth nneeded, fluid retention
PaclitaxelHSR- dexameth to proph, significant alopecia
IrinotecanDiarrhea, Mucositis
DaunorubicinSuggested lifetime dose 900-1000mgw/o chest radz, with chest radz 400, mucositis, discoloration of urine
DoxorubicinSugested lifetime dose 450-500 w/o chest radz, 250 with chest rads; mucositis; discoloration of urine
EpirubicinRisk of developing CHF increase rapidly >900mg
IdarubicinLifetime dose not established, discoloration of urin
MItoxantroneRisk of Cardiac toxicity lower than other agents in class, discoloration o urine
BevacizumabHypertension, Proteinuria, impaired wound healing, Bleeding, heomoptysis-avoid concurrent anticoagulation, thrombotic events
Cetixomabinfusion related reactions-diphenhyrdamine proph required, Aceiform rash, Diarrhea
ObinutuzumabHepatits B re-activiation may occur, myelosuppression, Pre-medication required (APAP, Dexameth cycle 1, Diphenhyrdamine cycle 1)
PanitumumabAcneiorm rash, Diarrhea
PertuzumabDiarrhea, nausea, neutropenia, alopecia, rash, fatigue, peripheral neuropathy
RituximabFirst Mab to be FDA approved, inusion related reactions
TrastuzumabInfusion related rx, Cardiac dysfunction, pain at tumor site
CirzotinibEdema, Constipation, NVD, Disorder of vision, Avoid grapefruit
ErlotinibAcneiform rash, dry skin, Diarrhea, avoid grapefuit
IbrutinibMyeolosuppression, Peripheral edema, Rash, Diarrhea, Stomatitis, N/V decreased appetite, URI, Avoid grapefruit and Seville oragnes
ImatinibMyeleosuppression, Diarrhea, acneiform rash, NV, alot of DI's, Avoid Grapefruit
Arsenic TrioxideQT segment prolongation, Retinoic acid syndrome, peripheral neuropathy
BleomycinPulmonary (dose limiting) - risk factors: cumulative dose >450mg, age >7770, underlying emphysema, single dose >25mg, prior chest irradiation; cutaneous rx, HSR. FEver
Palbociclibmyelosuppression, fatigue, URI
All trans retinoic acidReticoic acid syndrome