Antihypertensive Drugs

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Clonidinealpha 2 agonist, used in hypertensive management and OPIATE WITHDRAWAL; SE: + Coombs test; edema
MethyldopaAlpha 2 agonists; HTN MANAGEMENT IN PREGNANCY; SE Edema,
GuanethidineBinds NE vesicles and prevents release; SE; Diarrhea (PANS); Edema (RAAS)
Prazosinalpha blocker; reflex tachycardia; Used in BPH, HTN; Orthostatic hypotension; GOod on lipid profile
Hydralazinenitrate; increase cGMP; SE: SLE (protein binding); edema; reflex tachy
nitroPRUSSIDEdecrease TPR by dilating ARTERIOLES AND VENULES; Drug of choice in hypertensive emergency; SE; CYANIDE TOXICITY
MinoxidilOpen K+ channel to hyperpolarie smooth muscle;SE; hyperglycemia, Hypertrichosis; used in HTN and baldness;
VerapamilCCB; block L type Ca channels; SE: constipation
nifedipine (-dipines)CCB; block L type Ca channel; SE: reflex tach, GINGIVAL HYPERPLASIA
Captopril (-oprils)block formation of ATII; SE DRY COUGH (not used in pregnancy)
Losartan (-sartans)Block AT receptors; hyperkalemia; not used in pregnancy
Bosentan:endothelin receptor antagonist; given orally; SE:

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