Antigone Monologue

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I Myself,
Zeus be my witness, who beholdeth all,
will not keep silence, seeing danger come,
instead of safety, to my subjects true.
Nor could I take a friend my country's foe;
for this I know, that there our safety lies,
and sailing in her while she holds her course,
we gather friends around us. By these rules
and such as these will I maintain the state.
And now I come, with edicts close allied
to these in spirit, for my subjects all,
Concerning the two sons of Edipus.
Eteocles, who died in deeds of might
illustrious, fighting for our fatherland.
To honor him with sepulture, all rights
duly performed that to the noblest dead
of right belong. Not so much his brother; him
I speak of, Polynices, who, returned
from exile, sought with fire and sword to waste
his father's city and the shrines of gods,
Yea, sought to glut his rage with blood of men,
and lead them captives to the bondslave's doom;
Him I decree that none should dare entomb,
that none should utter wail or loud lament,
but leave his corpse unburied, by the dogs
and vultures mangled, foul to look upon.
Such is my purpose. Ne're, if I can help,
shall the vile share the honors of the just;
but whoso shows himself my country's friend,
living or dead, from me shall honor gain.