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vancomyin moablocks cell wall synthesis
big side effects vancored man syndrome-infusion reaction, nephrotoxicity
MRSA infection vanco dose15-20mg/kg IV every 8 -12 hours
c diff infection vanco dose125-500mg QID for 10-14 days po
vanco trough bad infections15-20 otherwise 10-15
can cause increased PT/INR reading inr 24 hrs and pt 48 hrsoritavancin and daptomycin
daptomycin cidal? time dep?cidal and conc dependent
what 2 big things dapto cover?mrsa and VRE (vanco no cover VRE)
side effect myopathy and elevated CPK(get weekly)daptomycin
no use for pneumonia since inactivated in lungs by surfactantdaptomycin
linezolid cidal? zyvox. static. covers mrsa and vre
myelosupresion when treated over 28 dayslinezolid
no use within 2 weeks maoilinezolid
syncercid (quinaprisin/dalfopristin) typically only used forvanco resistant E faecium infections. side effects are myalgias, infusion rxns, phlebitis, hyperbilirubinemia, CPK elevations
tygacil-tigecycline cidal?static.
tigecycline coveragemrsa, vre, gram neg anerobic, atypicals, no activity against three Ps= psudeomonas, proteus, providenicia. use only when alternatives not available
avoid use in bloodstream infections tigecycline
increaed risk deathtigecyline
solution yellow-orangetigecycline
polymixins (colistin and polymyxin B) cidal? time dep?conc dep and cidal.
polymixins used mainly forMDR gram neg pathogens
should be used in combo another drug due to emergence resistancepolymyxins
dose dependent nephrotoxicitypolymyxins. also nuerologic disturbances. assess doses careful since can be represented diff ways
gray syndromechloramphenical. death...coma....cyanosis. etc
FDA approved for community acquired pneumonia onlytelithromycin. related to macrolides structrually. hepatic failure and qt prolongation
boxed warning c diffclindamycin
clindamycin cidal? static. aerobic and anerboic gram positive bacerteria kills
metronidazole coverageaneroboes, protozoal, c diff.
metallic tastemetronidazole
metronidazole dose 500mg tid 10-14 days
rifamixin used fortravlers diarrhea, reduction heptaic enceph recurence, IBS with diarrhea. coverage is ecoli
UTI one dosefosfomycin
nitrofurantoin and renalunder 60crcl inadequate urinary concentrations, brown urine discoloration