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what class am I from?

Question Answer
amiodaroneclass III
ibutilide class III
dofetilide class III
sotalolclass III
quinidineclass Ia
procainamideclass Ia
disopyramideclass Ia
lidocaineclass Ib
mexiletine class Ib
flecainideclass Ic
propafenoneclass Ic
verapamilclass IV
diltiazemclass IV

important associations

Question Answer
use post-MIIb
prefers ischemic tissueIb
shortest half-lifeadenosine
anti-histone antibodiesprocainamide
drug induced SLEprocainamide
torsadesIa and III
good for digitalis induced toxIb
contraindicated in ischemic heart diseaseIc
exacerbates COPD and asthmaII
masks hypoglycemiaII
treat beta blocker overdose withsaline, atropine, glucagon
reverse AV blockatropine
slows SA and AV nodesclass II, class IV
pulmonary fibrosisamiodarone
longest half-lifeamiodarone
displaces digoxinquinidine
avoid with antacidsquinidine
check PFTs, LFTs, TFTsamiodarone
slows slope of phase 0 and increases AP durationIa
slows slope of phase 0 and shortens AP durationIb
slows slope of phase 0 and AP stays the sameIc
decreases cAMP and decreases Ca+ currentII
prolongs PRII and IV
short acting class IIesmolol
tx WPWprocainamide
high affinity for inactivated Na+ channelIb
exhibit use-dependenceclass I (tissues undergoing frequent depolarization are more susceptible to blockage) most pronounced in Ic bc slow dissociation and class IV (diltiazem and verapamil --> selective for rapidly depolarizing cells)
order of class I binding strength to receptorsNa+ channel binding strength is Ic > Ia > Ib
this drug consists of iodineamiodarone (class III)
check TSH before using this drugamiodarone (causes hyper/hypothryroid bc is 40% iodine)
acts as haptenamiodarone
these drugs have no effect on the AP conduction velocityclass Ib and class III
binds rapidly depolarizing cellsIb
treats ventricular tachyarrhythmiasamiodarone
treats atrial tachyarrhythmiasverapamil
acute treatment of psvtadenosine
anti-nuclear antibodiesprocainamide (SLE!)
slow diastolic depolarizationclass IV
which one of these affect the CYP system and how?quinidine and amiodarone are both inhibitors

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