Anti Seizure Drugs

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EFGHIJEthosuximide causes: Fatigue, GI distress, HA, Itching, Steven Johnson Syndrome
ethosuximide MoAblocks thalamic T type Ca2+ channels
benzodiazepines are used forstatus epilepticus
1st line for status epilepticusacute: benzodiazepine; prophylaxis: phenytoin
valproic acid Clinical usetreats all seizures but first line for tonic clonic
valproic acid MoAincrease Na+ channel inactivation,
gabapentin MoAprimarily inhibits high voltage activated Ca2+ channels; Gaba analog
treats peripheral neuropathy and post herpetic neuralgia gabapentin
migraine prophylaxis and bipolar disorderGabapentin
topiramate MoAblocks Na+ channels and increases Gaba action
vigabatrinstops GABA breakdown by irreversibly inhibiting Gaba transasminase
Goal of stopping a seizurestopping signal propagation
What enzyme breaks down Gaba?GABA transminase

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side effects of phenobarbitaltolerance, dependence
induction of cytochrome P450
cardiorespiratory depression, sedation
sedation, kidney stones and weight lossside effects of topiramate
side effects of lamotrigineSteven Johnson Syndrome
side effects of phenyotoinnystagmus, diplopia, ataxia,
gingival hyperplasia, hirsutism,
peripheral neuropathy,
megaloblastic anemia,teratogenesis (neural tube defects)
osteopenia, Steven Johnson syndrome,
Which causes an SLE like syndrome?phenytoin
Which drugs cause Steven Johnson Syndrome?carbamazepine, phenytoin, lamotrigene and ethosuximide
side effects of carbamazepine?diplopia, ataxia,
agranulocytosis, aplastic anemia,
liver toxicity, teratogenesis and increases P450
SIADH, and Steven Johnson Syndrome
how does phenytoin megalobalstic anemia?stops folate absorption
which causes fetal hydrantoin syndrome?phenytoin
Phenytoin vs valproic acidvalproic acid doesn't have steven johnson syndrome
fatal hepatoxicityvalproic acid

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treats mycolonic seisuresvalproic acid
treats eclampsia seizuresbenzodiazepines (MgSO4 is 1st line)
treats peripheral neuropathygabapentin
treats post herpetic neuralgiagabapentin
treats prophylaxis and bipolar dxgabapentin
1st line treatment for seizures in neonatesphenobarbital
prevents migrainestopiramate

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