Anti-acne medicines

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Question Answer
Brand name of adapalene Differin
Class of adapalene Retinoid
Adapalene indications Treatment of acne vulgaris
Mechanism of adapalene Inhibits the formation of non-inflammatory lesions (comedones) and inflammatory lesions (papules and pustules)
3 contra-indications for adapelene Hypersensitivity, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
What class of drug interacts with adapalene and how can this be managed? Oral contraceptives are less effective if the patient is using adapalene (especially in the case of progesterone-only methods). Advise the patient to use an additional method of contraception.
4 common side effects of adapalene Dry skin, red skin, skin irritation and a burning sensation.
5 counselling points for a patient using adapalene 1) Wash and dry hands before and after use of adapalene. 2) Use a moisturiser to relieve skin dryness. 3) Avoid contact with eyes, lips, mucous membranes, broken skin and sunburned skin. 4) Take extra care to avoid sunburn as adapapene is a photo-sensitiser. 5) Adapalene's effects can take a few months to fully develop.

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