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Section 1

Question Answer
sternocleidomastoid jointneck
sternocleidomastiod originsternum and clavicle
sternocleidomastoid insertionmastoid process of temporal bone
sternocleidomastoid actionflex and rotate head
serratus anterior jointscapula
serratus anterior originfirst 8 ribs
serratus anterior insertionscapula medial border
serratus anterior actionpulls shoulder forward, abducts and rotates it forward
pectoralis minor jointscapula
pectoralis minor origin3-5 ribs
pectoralis minor insertionscapula coracoid process
pectoralis minor actiondepress shoulder and draws shoulder forward

Section 2

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trapezius jointscapula
trapezius originspines c7-t12
trapezius insertionclavicle and scapula spine
trapezius actionelevates, adducts and depresses scapula
deltoid jointlateral shoulder
deltoid originclavicle and scapula spine
deltoid insertionhumerous
deltoid actionabducts, flexes and extends

Section 3

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pectoralis major jointshoulder
pectoralis major originclavicle, sternum, costal carts, true ribs
pectoralis major insertionhumerus anterior and superior
pectoralis major actionflexes, adducts, medially rotates humerus
triceps brachii jointelbow
triceps brachii origininfraglenoid tuberosity of scapula
triceps brachii insertionolecranon proc of ulna
triceps brachii actionextends forearm

Section 4

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brachialis jointelbow
brachialis originanterior surface of humerus
brachialis insertionstuberosity and coronoid proc of ulna
brachialis actionflexes forearm
biceps brachii jointelbow
biceps brachii originnear glenoid fossa of scapula
biceps brachii insertionradial tuberosity
biceps brachii actionflexes and supinates forearm

Section 5

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brachiaradialis jointelbow
brachiaradialis originsupracondyloid of humerus
brachiaradialis insertionabove styloid process of radius
brachiaradialis actionflexes forearm
supinator jointelbow
supinator originlateral epicondyle of humerus and ridge on ulna
supinator insertionoblique line of radius
supinator actionsupinates forearm

Section 6

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external intercostals jointribs
external intercostals origininerior border of rib above
external intercostals insertionsuperior border ribs below
external intercostals actionelevates ribs
internal intercostals jointribs
internal intercostals origininner surface of superior border of ribs below
internal intercostals insertioninferior surface of rib above
internal intercostals actiondepresses ribs

Section 7

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diaphragm jointribs
diaphragm originxiphoid last 6 ribs, lumbar vertebrea
diaphragm insertioncentral tendon
diaphragm actionincrease verticle dimension of thorax
rectus abdominus jointspine
rectus abdominus originpubic crest
rectus abdominus insertionxiphoid process 5-7 cart of ribs
rectus abdominus actionflexes spine, compress abdomen
external oblique jointspine
external oblique originlower 8 ribs, anterior and inferior
external oblique insertion linea alba and iliac crest
external oblique actionflex and rotate spine

Section 8

Question Answer
internal obliqe jointspine
internal obliqe originiliac crest and lumbodorsal fascia
internal obliqe insertionlinea alba and lower 4 ribs
internal obliqe actionflexes and rotates spine, compress abdomen
transverse abdominus jointabdomen
transverse abdominus originiliac crest lumbar fascia last 6 ribs
transverse abdominus insertionlinea alba and pubic crest
transverse abdominus actioncompress abdomen

Section 9

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tensor fascia latae jointhip
tensor fascia latae originiliac crest
tensor fascia latae insertioniliotibial tract of fascia lata
tensor fascia latae actionflexes and abducts femur
adductor longus jointinner thigh
adductor longus originpubic crest and symphysis
adductor longus insertionlines aspera of femur
adductor longus actionadducts laterally rotates and flexes femur

Section 10

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gracilis jointknee/hip
gracilis originpubic symphysis and pubic arch
gracilis insertionmedial surface of tibia
gracilis actionflexes knee, abducts thigh
sartorius jointknee/hip
sartorius originanterior superior spine of ilium
sartorius insertionmed surface of tibia
sartorius actionflexes knee, flexes thigh and rotates it laterally

Section 11

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rectus femorius jointknee/thigh
rectus femorius originanterior interior spine of ilium
rectus femorius insertionupper border of patella
rectus femorius actionextends knee, flexes thigh
vastus lateralis jointknee
vastus lateralis origingreater trochanter and linea aspera of femur
vastus lateralis insertionpatella and tibial tuberosity
vastus lateralis actionextends knee

Section 12

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vastus intermedius jointknee
vastus intermedius originanterior and lateral surface of femur
vastus intermedius insertionpatella and tibial tuberosity
vastus intermedius actionextends knee
vastus medialis jointknee
vastus medialis originlinea aspera of femur
vastus medialis insertionpatella and tibial tuberosity
vastus medialis actionextends knee

Section 13

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gastrocnemius jointknee/ankle
gastrocnemius originlateral and medial condyles of femur and capsule of knee
gastrocnemius insertioncalcaneus by acilles tendon
gastrocnemius actionplanter flexes foot fleses knee
soleus jointankle
soleus originhead of fibula and medial border of tibia
soleus insertionscalcaneus by achilles tendon
soleus actionplanter flexes foot
tibialis jointankle
tibialis originlateral condyle and body of tibia
tibialis insertionfirst metatarsal and first cuneiform
tibialis actionflexes foot dorsally and inverts it