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what are the two subdivisions for the nervous system?somatic and visceral
what is the visceral (autonomic) part responsible for?recieving information from internal enviroment and initiating appropriate response
what does the autonomic subdivision innervate?internal organs, smooth muscles, and glands
peripheral distribution for visceral part is done by?autonomic sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves
how many neurons are required for visceral communication?two,one near cns and the other near the target organ
what are the two divisions of the autonomic system?sympathetic and parasympathetic
what is the sympathetic division responsible for?fight or flight, catabolizing complex molecules, storing and generating energy
what is the parasympathetic division responsible for?rest and digest, anabolizing complex molecules, uses energy to grow repair and maintain tissues.
In the Thoracic and Lumbar Regions where is the origin of nerve cell bodies?sympathetic systems
In the Sacral and Cranial Regions where is the origin of nerve cell bodies?Parasympathetic systems
Where is the location of the first synapse in the Sympathetic Systems?Close to CNS
Where is the location of the first synapse in the Parasympathetic Systems?Close to target organs
Where is the Cranial Centre of the Parasympathetic System?In four pairs of nuclei within the brain stem
Where is the Sacral Centre of the Parasympathetic System?Level of S2-S4 within lateral horn
Where is the Sympathetic System Centre?Level of T1-L2 within lateral horn


Question Answer
Sympathetic Fibres of Spinal Cord may enter what ganglia?Para-vertebral
The sympathetic fibres of spinal cord enter paravertebral ganglia via what?White ramus Communicans ( Mylenated )
After synapsing with the second neuron the sympathetic fibres may what?Re-enter the spinal cord via Gray Ramus Communicans ( Non- mylenated)
After re-entering the spinal cord the sympathetic fibres will be what?Distributed to the periphery via dorsal and ventral spinal nerves
If the are not distributed to the periphery, where else might these fibres go?They may directly target the thoracic viscera.
In the case the sympathetic fibres directly target the thoracic viscera, what would be different from fibres that are distributed to the periphery?They would not return to the spinal cord after synapsing
Pre-ganglionic Sympathetic Fibres may do what after entering the Para-vertebral Ganglia?Ascend or Descend to other levels before synapsing with a second neuron
After synapsing with the second neuron at a different level, where would they go?They would re-enter the spinal cord at the secondary level before being distributed
Is it possible that the fibres synapse at the level of where they entered but the post-ganglionic fibre travel elsewhere?Yes, the post-ganglionic fibre may ascend or descend to other levels after the second synapse where they would then enter the spinal nerves.
What is a Splanchnic nerve?Preganglionic Sympathetic nerves that enter the paravertebral ganglia and bypass directly to the prevertebral ganglia.
Splanchnic nerves synapse where, and innervate what?Within the pre-vertebral ganglia, and post ganglionic fibres innervate abdominal and pelvic viscera.
What are the five categories of splanchnic nerves?Greater ( T5-T9 ), Lesser ( T10-T11 ), Least ( T12 ), Lumbar ( L1- L2 ), + Sacral ( L2 )
Splanchnic Nerves can synapse where?@ Ganglia, or before and after Ganglia.
The Paravertebral Ganglia act as what?Ladder for distribution of higher and lower than T1- L2
With the exception of the cervical region, how many paravertebral ganglia to vertebrae?11
The Sympathetic fibres that innervate the Thoracic Viscera are?T1- T4