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myelination of preganglionic axonmyelin
myelination of postganglionic aconno myelin
cell bodies of parasympathetic divisionCN 3,7,9,10 and lateral gray horns in sacrum
cell bodies of sympathetic divisionlateral gray horns of thoracic and first two lumbar
where parasympathetic ganglia are locatedin or near visceral effectors
what parasympathetic ganglia are calledterminal ganglia

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contained in autonmic plexusaxons of preganglionic neurons, autonomic ganglia, axons of autonomic sensory neurons
name sympathetic ganglionceliac, aorticorenal, superior mesenteric, inferior mesenteric, renal
sympathetic plexus that supplies urinary bladder, external genetals, uterus hypogastric
sympathetic ganglion that supplies the small intestine and coloninferior mesenteric
sympathetic ganglion that supplies the kidney and ureterrenal
2 groups of sympathetic gangliasympathetic trunk, prevertebral
what postganglionic neurons arising from all sympathetic trunk ganglia can doexit via gray communicans to the anterior ramus --> blood vessels, sweat glands, body wall
what cervical sympathetic chain ganglia do exit into nerve branches --> supply heart, head, neck, shoulders
what upper thoracic, lower ab, pelvic sympathetic trunk ganglia doenter plexuses
what gray rami communicantes containpostganglionic axons that connect sympathetic trunk ganglia --> spinal nerves

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where splanchnic nerves convergeprevertebral ganglia
4 major prevertebral gangliaceliac, superior mesenteric, inferior mesenteric, aorticorenal
supplies liver. gallbladder, stomach, spleen, pancreasceliac
innervates the heartmiddle and inferior cervical ganglion
innervates heart, lungs, viscera, blood vesselsthoracic portion of sympathetic trunk ganglion
supplies brachial treepulmonary plexus
supplies stomach, liver, kidneysceliac ganglion
supplies small and large intestinesuperior mesenteric ganglion
supplies large intestineinferior mesenteric ganglion
supplies pelvic viscerahypogastric plexus
supplies renal arteries within kidneys, uretersrenal ganglion

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neurons that are cholinogenicall preganglionic, all parasympathetic post ganglion, sympathetic postganglionic that innervate sweat glands and blood vessels
nerons that are andregenicpostganglionic sympathetic other than ones that supply sweat glands and blood vessels
enteric plexus from esophagus to anusmyenteric
enteric plexus from stomach to anussubmucosal
CN III pathoculomotor in pons --> ciliary ganglion --> lens
CN VII pathfacial in pons --> pterygopalatine/submandibular --> lacrimal glands, nasal cavity, salivary glands
CN IX path glossopharyngeal in medulla --> otic ganglion --> parotid salivary
CN X pathvagus in medulla --> terminal/intramural ganglion --> thoracic/abdominal viscera
pelvic splanchnic pathS2-S4 --> terminal/intramural ganglion --> abdominal and pelvic viscera

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control of heartrateparasympathetic slows, sympathetic speeds
control of GI contractionparasympathetic increases contraction, sympathetic decreases contraction
control of pupil dilationsympathetic dilates, parasympathetic constricts
some organs only have this type of innervationsympathetic
difference between a ganglion and a plexusganglion is where pre and post synapse, plexus is just a grouping of post that make a tangled web
what is the white rami communicantes?preganglionic sympathetic axon
where does white communicantes enter?sympathetic trunk

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