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Effect of sympathetic stimulation on eyesdilate pupil (see further)
Effect of parasympathetic stimulation on eyesconstrict pupil (see closer)
What organs do not have parasympathetic innervation?arrector muscles of hair, peripheral blood vessels, sweat glands, adrenal glands
sympathetic pre-ganglion fiber originate where?T1-L2/L3 (lateral horn of spinal cord)
Length of sympathetic pre-ganglionic and post-ganglionic neuron?short pre-ganglionic, long post-ganglionic, extensive branching
parasympathetic pre-ganglion fiber originate where?brain stem or sacral spinal cord
Length of parasympathetic pre-ganglionic and post-ganglionic neuron?long pre-ganglionic, short post-ganglionic, minimal branching
Sympathetic trunklie adjacent to vertebrae on either side, paired ganglia, segmented
Collateral ganglialie anterior to vertebral column on abdominal aorta, unpaired ganglia, pre-ganglionic thoracic/lumbar/sacral splanchnic nerves synapse here
Adrenal glandsecrete NE and E into blood
Parasympathetic NTpre-ganglionic neuron releases Ach, post-ganglion neuron releases Ach
Sympathetic NTPre-ganglionc neuron release Ach, post-ganglionic neuron release NE; Pre-ganglionic neuron releases Ach, post-ganglionic neuron releases Ach for sweat glands and blood vessels ins skeletal muscles; pre-ganglionic neuron releases Ach onto adrenal gland, adrenal gland releases NE/E
Oculomotor parasympathetic pre-ganglionic neuron synapse atciliary ganglion (constrict pupil)
facial parasympathetic pre-ganglionic neuron synapse atpterygopalatin ganglion and submandibular ganglion (lacrimal and nasal glands, sublingual and submandibular glands)
glossopharyngeal parasympathetic pre-ganglionic neuron synpase atotic ganglion (parotid gland)
vagus parasympathetic pre-ganglionic neuron synapse atnerve plexuses
which organ does the vagus nerve not innervate?it innervates most organs in abdomen except organs in pelvis (vagus = digestion, not reproductive)
pelvis parasympathetic pre-ganglionic nerves becomepelvis splanchnic nerve innervate inferior hypogastric plexus (innervate distal colon and pelvic organs)
ANS is calledvisceral motor
Compare somatic NS vs autonomic NSsomatic - target is skeletal muscles, 1 neuron, stimulatory, Ach, fast; ANS - smooth/cardiac muscles and glands, 2 neurons, stimulatory/inhibitory, Ach & NE, slower

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SNS peripherysynapse at sympathetic trunk, innervate sweat glands, arrector pili, blood vessels
SNS headascend and synapse at superior cervical ganglion, innervate lacriminal/nasal/salivary glands, pupils, eyelid
SNS thoracic organssynapse at level of organ or ascend to cervical ganglion and synapse, innervate heart, coronary arteries, lungs, esophagus through plexuses
SNS abominal organsbypass sympathetic trunk as THORACIC splanchnic nerves and synapse at collateral ganglia in abdomen, innervate liver, stomach, spleen, small & large intestines
SNS pelvic organsdescend sympathetic trunk and synapse at lumbar and sacral ganglia, then travel to pelvis pleuxs or pass through sympathetic trunk as LUMBAR and SACRAL splanchnic nerves then synapse at collateral ganglia, innervate reproductive organs, bladder & distal colon
SNS adrenal medullabypass sympathetic trunk as THORACIC splanchnic nerve, travel to adrenal cortex

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