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Beta blockers

Question Answer
Name the selective B1 blockers:Esmolol , Atenolol , Acebutolol (Ese ATENO me hACE Mejor)
Safest B1 blocker to use in a patient who has a cardiac infarction?Esmolol
General effects of B1 blockers?tx hypertension, arrhythmias
Non-selective beta blocker examples?Nadolol, Timolol, Propanolol
Uses of non-selective beta blockers?Arrhythmia, Hypertension & Glaucoma tx
Timolol use?Glaucoma (eyes)
Nadolol use?treats HYPERtension
Propranolol use?treat HYPERtension

Alpha blockers

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Alpha 2 blockers?Yohimbine, Atipamezole
Yohimbine use?Reversal of Xylazine & detomidine
Atipamezole use?reversal DETOMIDINE
Alpha1 blocker? & function?Prazosin- tx for benign prostatic hypertrophy & tx for hypertension
Non-selective alpha blocker?phenoxybenzamine, tolazoline, phentolamine, ergots (PHEN TOL the OX BEN's AMINE)
Phenoxybenzamine use?Benign prostatic hypertrophy
Tolazoline use?reversal of xylazine
Methyl dopa acts as an indirect adrenergic antagonist byinterfering w synthesis of catecholamines
alpha-methyl-tyrosine acts as an indirect adrenergic antagonist byinterfering w synthesis of catecholamines
Guanethidine acts as an adrenergic antagonist bypreventing RELEASE (he pooped on NE as he was leaving)
Phentolamine?Hypertension tx, removal of obstructions, prevention of dermal necrosis due to extravasation of alpha agonists
Ergots use?Stimulation of uterine contractions, migraine relief
General uses for alpha blockers?Pheochromocytoma (tumor), Benign prostatic hypertrophy, Hypertension TX, Migraine Tx,
Name a few INDIRECT adrenergic ANTAGONISTS?Reserpine, methyl dopa, alpha-methyl-tyrosine, guanethidine,
Reserpine acts as an adrenergic antagonist byinterfering w NE storage

miscellaneous drugs

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Name the two miscellaneous adrenergic agonists?Amphetamine & Ephedrine
Amphetamine use?treats obesity (people) & ADHD in dogs
Amphetamine side effects?dependence//abused drug// excites CNS and leads to agitation
Ephedrine use? (plant derivative)Bronchodilator & nasal decongestant

Beta agonists

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Name the Beta 2 agonists:Terbutaline, Metaproterenol, Albuterol, Salmeterol, Clenbuterol, Isoxsuprine, Ritodrine, Ractopamine (Ru, its BETA 2 Take MAC In Rio)
Function of Beta 2 agonists (overall):Bronchodilation, Navicular dz, COPD, Meat repartitioner, Uterine relaxant
Which drug relaxes the uterus?Ritodrine ( Rito... Suave)
Which drug treats navicular dz?Isoxsuprine
Which drug is good for COPD in horses?Clenbuterol
Which drugs are good for bronchodilation?Terbutaline, Metaproterenol, Albuterol, Salmeterol,Salbutamol
What type of drug is dobutamine?Beta 1 agonist
What type of drug is isoproterenol?Beta agonist (non-selective)

Alpha agonists

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Name the alpha 2 agonists:Xylazine, Apraclonidine, Clonidine, Detomidine, Medetomidine, Romifidine (X, A Cute Dog, Made More Ramen)
Romifidine use?equine sedative (stop horses from ROMFhousing)
Apraclonidineused in eyes to treat glaucoma
MedetomidineTreats eMErgence DElirium
Clonidine use?treats hypertension
Methyl Dopatreats hypertension
Xylazine- 2 uses(1) sedative (2) emesis in cats

Alpha 1 agonists

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Alpha 1 agonists?Methoxamine, Metaraminol, Mephentermine, Phenyleprine, Phenylpropanolamine ((3x M, my PP)
Phenylephrine use?Nasal decongestant
Phenylpropanolamine?Urinary incontinence tx
Metaraminol, Mephentermine, Methoxamine use?Pressor agents (tx for hypotension)


Question Answer
Dopamine agonists?Dopexamine & FenolDOPAM
Difference b/w fenolDOPAM & DOPEXamine?FenolDOPAM is SELECTIVE for the D1 receptor (dopexamine is non-selective)
Uses for dopamine agonists?tx for oliguria associated w low or normal blood P/vascular resistance
Side effect of fenolDOPAM?Induces delayed diuresis in cats
Fenoldopam and dopamine are analogs of?Dopamine
At low concentrations dopamine binds to which receptor and causes what?Binds to D1 receptors and causes polyuria (increased GFR)
Management of low CO associated w renal function is achieved w?administering Dopamine at low levels
Dopamine interacts w the Beta 1 receptor in the heart at?High concentrations
What happens if Dopamine is administered at maximum concentrations?interaction w alpha 1 receptors leading to vasoconstriction
MAO & COMT degrade what compounds?NE, E & Dopamine


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Name all the uses for catecholamines:prolongs effects of Local Anesthetics through vasoconstriction, hypotension tx, treatment of cardiac arrest, topical hemostatics, relief from allergies
What are the catecholamines?Dopamine, NE & E