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Ganglionic agents

Question Answer
Ganglionic agents?Hexamethonium, Mecamylamine, Triemtaphan, Nicotine (Hex Me w ThRee Nicotines)
Function of ganglionic agentsnicotinic receptors are antagonized

Antimuscarinic agents

Question Answer
Antimuscarinic agents?Scopolamine & Atropine
Use of Atropine?lowers rumen motility, bronchodilatoin, urinary retention, reversal of organophosphate toxicity
Atropine is contraindicated in?Patients who have glaucoma
CNS effects of Atropine?Hallucinations, Coma, Depression
Scopolamine use?motion sickness (to SCOPE the OCEAN take SCOPOLAMINE)
Scopolamine leads to? (undesired effect)slight sedation
Important thing about rabbits & Atropine?Never give them atropine because they are resistant to it

Choline AGONISTS (direct vs indirect)

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Irreversible inhibitor of AChE or INDIRECT CHOLINE AGONIST?Organophosphate
Side effects of organophosphates?Excess salivatiion, vomiting, defecation, hyper motility of GI
How do you tx organophosphate toxicity?Use Atropine FIRST! Then administer 2PAM if there isn't any Carbamate
Reversible AChE inhibitor/Choline agonist?Physostigmine, Neostigmine, Edrophonium, Pyridostigmine (New sticks & pyramids are MINE not CHOLes! hE dropped his PHONe…but that’s reversible!)
Neostigmine use?reverses NEUROMUSCULAR BLOCKADE
Physostigmine use?Atropine toxicity & Glaucoma
Edrophonium use?DIAGNOSIS of Myasthenia Gravis
Pyridostigmine use?treats Myasthenia gravis
INDIRECT Cholinergic agonists function by?prevent binding of Ach to AchE & increase cholinergic effects
DIRECT Cholinergic agonists are which drugs? (Parasympathomimetics)Bethanechol, Methanol & Carbachol (Beth ate a lot of CARBS and smoked METH)
Bethanecol is for?Atony of GI & Urinary Retention
Before you use Bethanecol make sure that there is no ___?Obstruction
Carbachol use?GI atony in Cows/ruminal atony & Horse + Dogs w Glaucoma (a CAR w a COW, HORSE & DOG)
Natural CholinoMIMETIC?Pilocarpine
Pilocarpine use?Eyes: Glaucoma
What category does ACh fall in?Direct acting Cholinergic agonist