ANS g-protein linked 2nd messengers, receptors, fxn

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Question Answer
alpha 1class- q. sympathetic. increase: vascular sm. muscle contraction, pupillary dilator muscle contraction (mydriasis), bladder and intestinal sphincter contraction, prostatic smooth muscle tone
alpha 2i. sympathetic. decrease: sympathetic outflow, insulin release, lipolysis, aqueous humor production, bleeding (due to increase platelet aggregation)
beta 1 s. sympathetic. increase: HR, contractility, renin, lipolysis,
beta 2s. sympathetic. vasodilation, bronchodilation, ciliary musc. relaxation; increase: lipolysis, insulin, aqeuous humor production; decrease uterine, bladder, GI tones
M 1q. parasympathetic. CNS and enteric NS
M 2i. parasympathetic. decrease HR and atrial contractility.
M 3q. parasympathetic. increase: exocrine gland secretion (sweat, lacrimal, salivary, GI acid), gut peristalsis, bladder contraction, bronchoconstriction, pupillary sphincter muscle contraction (miosis), ciliary muscle contraction (accomodation)
D1s. relaxes renal vascular sm. muscle
D2i. modulates NT release, especially in brain
H1q. increase: nasal and bronchial mucus; contract bronchioles; increase vascular permeability, pruritis, pain
H2s. increase gastric acid production
V1q. pressor effect - increase vascular smooth muscle contraction
V2s. increase water permeability and reabsorption in renal collecting tubules.
Gqactivates phospholipase C ---> lipids become PIP2; cleavage of PIP2 ---> 1) DAG ---> Protein Kinase C, and 2) IP3 ---> increased intracellular Ca+2 ---> smooth muscle contraction
phospholipase Cactivated by Gq. activates PIP2,
PIP2cleaved by phospholipase C; produces 1) IP3 --->increased intracellular Ca+2 ---> smooth muscle contraction, & 2) DAG ---> protein kinase C
IP3activated by PIP2, increases Ca
DAGactivated by PIP2, increases protein kinase C
Gsactivates adenylyl cyclase which increases cAMP, increasing protein kinase A ---> increases intracellular Ca+2 in heart and inhibits myosin light chain kinase (relaxation/vasodilation of smooth muscle due to dephosphorylation)
adenylyl cyclaseincreases cAMP, incrasing protein kinase A
Giinhibits adenylyl cyclase, decreasing cAMP and protein kinase A.
which receptors activate Gs?B1, B2, H2, D1, V2.
which receptors activate Gq? H1, alpha 1, V1, M1, M3
which receptors activate Gi? M2, alpha2, D2