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Question Answer
Pre-ganglionic parasympathetic fibres arise from where?The Sacral and Cranial PS Centres
The Cranial PS Centre are distributed by which cranial nerves?CN III, VII, IX, X
The Cranial PS supplies what areas?Head, Neck, Thorax, and most of ABD Viscera ( to junction of mid/left thirds of transverse colon)
What does the Sacral PS supply?The remainder of Abdominal Viscera + all of Pelvic Viscera
What are Visceral Plexi formed by?Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves that are close to the target organ.
How are the Visceral plexi named?They are named by the organ they target and their functions.
Which organs have their own autonomic plexii?Every organ has its own.
What is different about the Enteric Plexus?It does not only send sensory information to CNS, but it also recycles its own sensory information.
What four Cranial nerves carry parasympathetic fibres?CN 3,7,9,10
Do Cranial Nerves carry sympathetic fibres?No, they are distributed seperately by SN's
What functions from CN IIIConstricts pupil.
What functions from CN VIISub mandibular gland, Sub Lingual Gland
What functions from CN IX Optic Ganglion + Parotid Gland
What functions from CN XVisceral Organs
All parasympathetic fibres from S2, S3, S4 are called?Pelvic Splanchnic
Define Referred Pain as related to Nervous SystemSource of pain is from one location but CNS interprets it from another location.
What is the reasoning behind Referred Pain?Both locations are innervated by the same spinal segment, but through different visceral and somatic nerves.