Annoying things to memorize for peds

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Question Answer
lifts head/chest when prone2 months
coos, reciprocal vocalization2 months
social smile2 months
rolls front to back4 months
laughs and squeals4 months
grasps objects, moro and grasp gone4 months
babbles4 months
sits unassisted6 months
babbles6 months
demonstrates stranger anxiety6 months
mama dada9 months
understands own name, stranger anxiety9 months
cruises12 months
1-3 words/follows one step commands12 months
walks alone12 months
3-5 words15 months
24 monthsparallel play, jumps, refers to self by name
walks up/down steps2 years
rides tricycleage 3
copies a circleage 3
copies a cross4 years
copies a triangle5 years
uses spoon18 months
peekaboo9 months
drinks from a cup15 months
sits unassisted6 months
demonstrates stranger anxiety6 months
separation anxiety12 months
copies a circle3 years
copies a cross and square4 years
copies a triangle5 years


Question Answer
1 word, 1 step command12 months
5 words15 months
18 months8 words
2 years2 word phrases, 2-step commands
3 word phrases3 years

Red flags

Question Answer
red flag at new bornnoticeably assymetric movements
red flag at 2 monthspersistent fisting
red flag at 4 monthsabsent smile
red flag at 6 monthspoor head control
red flag at 12 months absence of pointing
red flag at 18 monthslack of imitated play
red flag at 4 yearsimpulsivity
signs of autismno babbling and or gesturing by 12 months, no single words by 16 months, no 2 word phrases by 24 months, failure to make eye contact

sexual development

Question Answer
girlsthelarche (breast buds), pubarche (pubic hair), growth spurt, menarche
boysgonarche (testicles enlarge), pubarche (pubic hair), adrenarche (axillary and facial hair), growth spurt

Growth and Nutrition

Question Answer
should regain birth weight by2 weeks
should double weight by6 months
should triple weight by1 year
increased 50% of length by1 year
double length by5 years


Question Answer
2 month vaccinesDTaP, IPV, HiB, HepB, PCV ROTA
4 months vaccinesDTaP, IPV, HiB, HepB, PCV ROTA
6 month vaccinesDTaP, IPV, HiB, HepB, PCV ROTA, flu
9 month vaccines flu
12 month vaccinesMMR, VZV, Hep A, flu
15 month vaccinesDTaP, HiB, PCV, flu
18 month vaccineshepA, flu
4 years vaccinesMMR, VZV, DTaP, IPV, flu
9-11 years vaccinesHPV, meningitis, Tdap

APGAR scoring

Question Answer
Ggrimace with stimulation
Rrespiratory effort
different types of appearanceblue/pale, pink trunk, all pink
different types of pulseo, less than 100, greater than 100
different types of grimace0, grimace, grimace and cough
different types of activitylimp, some, active
different types of respiratory efforto, irregular, regular
apgar scores where dont need to worry8-10


Question Answer
strabismus normal until3 months of age
clinical symptoms of lead poisoningintermittent abdominal pain, constipation, intermittent vomitting, and peripheral neuropahty (wrist or foot drop)
treatment for intermediate lead poisoningchelation therapy (inpatient EDTA or outpatient oral succimer
treatment for severe lead poisoninginpatient EDTA or BAL (im dimercaprol)

contraindications to childhood vaccines

Question Answer
allergies to eggscannot recieve MMR or influenza vaccine
contraindication to pertussisencephalopathy within 7 days of prior pertussis vaccination
contraindication to MMRneomycin/streptomycin allergy
who to avoid live vaccines inimmunocompromised and pregnant patients. HIV patients may recieve MMR and varicella.