Animal Review

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Section 1

Question Answer
The animals below are all ____________.invertebrates
Porifera- one unique/exampleacoelomate/sponges
cnidariansacoelomate, nematocyst (stinging cell), simple nervous/jellyfish, coral, sea anemone
flatwormsacoelomate, bilateral/tapeworm
roundwormspseudocoelomate, most are parasitic, digestive (w/ mouth & anus)/O-worm, hookworm
segmented wormscoelomate, segments, setae/ earthworm
molluscaacoelomate, open circulatory, head-foot/snails, squid, clams
insectscoelomates, bilateral, exoskeleton/bees
arachnidscoelomates, bilateral, exoskeleton/spiders, scorpians
crustaceanscoelomates, bilateral, exoskeleton, gills, most aquatic/crabs, lobster

Section 2

Question Answer
The animals below are all ________.Chordata
what does that mean?have a flexible spinal column & nerve cord & gill slits @ some point
fish- one unique/examplegills, ectotherm, scales, 2 chambered heart/ shark, lampray
amphibiansthin moist skin, ecto, 3 chambers/ frog, toads
reptilesthick scaly skin, amniotic eggs, 3 chambers/ turtles, crocs, snakes
birdsfeather, 4 chambers, hollow bones, endo/ ostritch, eagle
mammalshair, mammary glands, 4 chambers, endo/ cats, giraffes, us
kinds of mammals- monotremelays eggs/platypus
placental/eutheriansborn after longer gustation period