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Animal Handling

Updated 2008-11-12 02:14

Horse coat colour

BayBody color ranges from a light reddish-brown to very dark brown with black points
ChestnutA reddish body color with no black. Mane and tail is the same shade or lighter than the body coat
GreyA horse with black skin and white or mixed dark and white hairs
Fleabitten greyan otherwise fully white-haired horse that develops red hairs flecked throughout the coat.
AppaloosaLeopard spotted coat
Buckskina yellow, cream, or gold with black points
DunYellowish or tan coat with darker-colored mane and tail, a dorsal stripe along the back
Palominoa golden, yellow, or tan shade with a flaxen or white mane and tail.
Pintoa multi-colored horse with large patches of brown, white, and/or black and white.
Piebalda black and white spotting pattern


Question Answer
Near sideLeft side of horse
When tying a horse, use aquick release knot
When putting a blanket on a horse, which straps should you do up first?the leg straps
Chain shankLead or shank with a chain on the end that attaches to the horse’s head collar
Sideline hobbles or serving hobbles are placedaround the pasterns or hocks of both hindlimbs to prevent the horse from lifting and kicking back with one hind leg.
Sidelinesa rope that goes from around the horse’s neck through a hobble around the pastern of one (single sideline) or both (double sidelines) hindlimbs and then back to the horses neck.
Apex beatmovement of the thoracic wall caused by contraction of the left ventricle
Where is the apex beat felt?just behind the horse’s left elbow
Rectal temperature- adult37- 38.5
Rectal temperature- foal37 - 39
Pulse rate- adult24 - 40
Pulse rate- foal60 - 100
Respiratory rate- adult8 - 20
Respiratory rate- foal20 - 40
most common place for pulse ratefacial and digital arteries
Rearing bitAlso called an anti-rearing or stallion bit. A metal “bit” that sits in the horse’s mouth


Question Answer
No contact with pigs allowed 72
Benefits of intensive piggeryProtection from weather extremes, keeping of accurate records, high attention to detail
Drawbacks of intensive piggeryboredom, need to supplement iron
Breeds of pig keptDuroc, Large white, Hampshire, Landrace
Dominant pig kept isLarge white
Landrace purebreds not favoured becausefloppy ears reduce vision, make temperamental
Durocs are used only as TSL becausethey have smaller litters
Piglets get creep feed from X days14
What does low IGF1 tell?feed is converted to muscle rather than fat
Backfat is measured at X weeks18
Sows must produce4 litters, with ~10 piglets per litter
Finisher pigs are killed at X weeks19
Pregnancy detection is at day40
overlay causes X% of mortality10
Oestrys first occurs at X months6
Ostrous lasts X days2-2.5
Oestrous recurs every X days19-23
About X% of natural matings result in pregnancy70-80
Confirmation of pregnacy via rectal is possible X weeks after mating6
Large whiteWhite with pricked ears, used for all forms of meat production
LandraceWhite with floppy ears, used for bacon
British saddlebackBlack with white pattern and floppy ears
Tamworthred breed
BerkshireBlack with white face, legs and tail
Disease prevention measuresrestrict visitors, protective clothing, transport clean, loading outside unit, herd health program, new stock has similar disease status


Question Answer
Signs of healthcomb red and full, interested in surroundings, scales on shanks and feathers close to body
Chalazaetwo whitish cords on opposite sides of the yolk that hold the yolk in the center of the albumen, indicate freshness
Germinal disca slight depression on the surface of the yolk, is the channel leading to the center of the yolk
Vitelline membraneequvalent to zona pellucida, enclosing the yolk
Egg shell color is caused by pigment deposition during egg formation in the oviduct. can vary according to species and breed
Fowl poxViral disease spread by mosquitoes
Infectious laryngotracheitisa contagious respiratory disease which is characterised by gasping, neck extension and conjunctivitis
Infectious laryngotracheitis vaccinationannually by eye drops
Fowl choleraa contagious bacterial disease
Marek's diseasecaused by herpes virus
Marek's disease vaccinationday old chicks or 18-20day old eggs
Feather sexingMales are slow feathering, females are fast feathering
Feather sexing femalesprimary wing feathers are longer than the coverts
Feather sexing malescoverts are either the same length or longer than the primary wing feathers
InfundibulumPoint in the reproductive tract where sperm are stored and fertilization occurs
Magnumwhere the albumen is formed
Isthmuswhere the outer membrane beneath the shell is formed
Shell glandthe uterus, where the shell is formed. takes the most time
Egg production takes X hours25
Salmonella pullorumrapid agglutination test, blue granules appear within 30s of mixing blood and antigen


Question Answer
Oestrustwice a year, lasts 3 weeks


Question Answer
Puberty (months)4-18
oestrus cycle18-24
oestrus length14-22
First oestrus after parturition30-90
scoop dehornersup to 3mths
cup dehornersup to 1yr
guillotine dehornersadult cattle
hot iron dehorningused on calves between 1-2mths


Question Answer
lambmarkingtail dockign, castration, earmarking, tattooing
oestrus cycle14-19
oestrus length24-36