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MitochondriaEnergy Formation
VacuoleStores water
ribosomesMakes proteins
NucleolusHelps make ribosomes
Smooth ERMakes fats and liquids
Rough ERMakes proteins
Golgi Apparatusmodifies, packages, and transports a material to different locations inside/outside the cell
Cell wallprovides support and protection of the cell membrane
Cell MembraneIt controls what goes in and out of the cell
NucleusThe brain of the cell. It holds the DNA.
Lysosomeshelp break down food and other foreign body and unwanted substances that maybe present in the cytoplasm. objects. It is like a garbage disposal.

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Cytoplasmthe jelly-like part of the cell where the action takes place. It is where the nutrients are used.
CiliaFor single-celled eukaryotes, it is essential for the locomotion of individual organisms. In multicellular organisms, it functions to move fluid or materials past an immobile cell as well as moving a cell or group of cells. It is like our legs.
Centriolesthey are self-replicating organelles made up of nine bundles of microtubules and are found only in animal cells. They appear to help in organizing cell division.