Angela Arciniega - West Africa

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Question Answer
Around what time did West Africa's climate get drier?3000 B.C
What is the second largest continent on earth? It is Africa.
What are rifts? They are long, deep valleys formed by the movement of the earth;s crust.
What is sub- Saharan Africa? It a short word for south of the Sahra of Africa.
What role did the Niger River play?It played in the growth of the civilizations.
What did the Niger River do?It was a source of water, food, and transportation, the river allowed many people to live in the area.
Where do most animals and birds find their food and shelter? They find it along the Niger's middle section; lakes and marshes.
What does Sahara cover? It covers most of North Africa.
What is Sahel?It is a strip of land that divides the desert from wetter areas.
What kind of support does the Sahel have? It has vegetation to support grazing animals.
What is a savannah?It is an open grassland with scattered trees.
What are rain forest? They are moist, densely wooded areas.
What is medicine they used from forest trees?They are kola nuts.
What do people add on their diets?They add salt.
Where did gold come from?It came from the southern forests.
What is an extended family?When the father, mother, children, and close relatives in one household.
What are age sets?Men who had been born within two or three years formed special bonds.
What did the traditional belief do?It showed the importance of families.
What is animism?The belief that bodies of water, animals, trees, and natural objects have spirits.
Why did they make the hoe? So they can grow more food and clear land.
What else did the iron tools provide?They provided support to let people cut down trees to clear land.
What happen when the people had more places to live?The population of West Africa grew.
What did Romans use to carry things through northern Africa?They use camels.
How long could people cross with camels?2 months
What did the Berbers do?They used their knowledge of the desert to lead the caravans.