Angela Arciniega - West Africa Section 1 - 4

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Question Answer
Why did the West Africans did not profit much from the Saharan trade?The routes were run by Berbers from northern Africa.
What is Ghana?An empire in West Africa.
What happen to Ghana?Ghana gained control of the valuable routes; it became a powerful state.
Where does Ghana lay between?It lays between the Niger and Senegal river.
What do historians think about the first people in Ghana?That they were farmers.
Who are the Soninke? They were farmers that were threaten by nomadic herders.
Why the nomadic herders threaten the farmers?They wanted to take the farmer's water and pasture.
How did the Soninke protect themselves?Their families began to band together.
Why did they herders cattle for meat and milk? So the farmers and herders could produces plenty of food and the population of Ghana can increase.
What were the weapons that other armies had made of?They were made of bone, wood, and stone.
Where did Ghana lay between?The vast Sahara Desert and deep forests,
What are the most valuable resources? It is gold and salt.
Where did gold come from?It came from the south, from mines near the Gulf of Guinea and along the Niger.
Where did gold come from? Salt came from the Sahara in the north.
Why did people want salt and gold?They wanted gold for its beauty and they wanted salt for their diets.
What is silent barter?A process in which people exchange goods without ever contacting each other directly.
What is one way they raised money?Ghana had to pay taxes.
Who was another empire of Ghana? Tunka Manin
When did Ghana collapse?In the mid 1200s
Who did Ghana fight with?They fought with Almoravid.
Who won in the fight?Almoravid
Who is Sundiata?He was Mali's son.
What did Sundiata take over? The salt and gold trades.
What is mansa?A title Sundaita now took for himself.
When Sundiata die?In 1255.
Who was Mali's most famous ruler?Mansa Musa
What did Mansa Musa influence do? It spread Islam through a large part of West Africa.
How long did Mansa Musa rule?25 years
What is jajj? A journey
Where was Mansa Musa first jajj? It was Cairo, Egypt.
Where did he study?In Morocco
Who is Mansa Musa's son?Maghan
Who became important in the city of Mali?Gao
What happen to Mali when Songhai rose up?Mali got weaker.
What did the rulers of Songhai have to be?Muslims
Who is Sunni Ali?The ruler of Songhai in 1464.
What did Sunni Ali bring to Songhai?He brought peace and stability.
When did Sunni Ali die? In 1492
Who was his son?Sunni Baru
What is askia?A title of high military tank.
What were the centers of learning?Timbuktu and Djenné
Songhai's traders were mostly muslims
What did the Moroccans wanted to control? Why?Salt mines; they needed money
What is oral history? It is a spoken record of past events.
What was the only written language they used in West Africa? Arabic
What are griots?West African storytellers
What did the griots do? They helped keep the history alive for each new generation.
What are proverbs? They are short sayings of truth.
What is the Dausi and Sundiata?Epic poems
What does the Dausi and Sundiata? The Dausi talks about Ghana and Sundiata talks about Mali.
What is Kente?A hand-woven brightly colored fabric.