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Question Answer
What is rythm?It refers to the rise and fall of our voices as we use language. It can be fast slow light soleman.
What is soleman?Hard, depressing, or sad.
What is meter?It is a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables.
What is free verse?It does not have a regular pattern of stressed and unsressed syallables>
What is stressed syllables?It is strong beats.
What is unstressed syallables?It is weaker beats.
What is scanning?It is marking that you put on a poem or lyrics?
What is rhyme?It is the repitition of sound of stressed syllable and any unstressed syallble that follow.
What is end rythme?It is the end of the line to a poem or lyrics.
What is internal rythme?The rythmes occur within lines.
What is rhymes scheme? It is the pattern of rhymes.