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Question Answer
glossitisinflamed sore tongue due to iron deficiciency
koilonychiasthin spoon shaped nails can happen from iron def
picacraving non food things like clay from iron def
microcytic anemia (MCV <80) most common causeiron def
macrocytic anemia MC >100 common causesfolate or vitamin B12 deficiency
iron def commonly decreased MCV and Hg and alsodecreased ferritin level
CDC rec iron for pregnancy women30mg daily
oral iron therapy can adequately treat patients with IDA exceptthose on hemodialysis. hemodialysis usually require iron and epo treatment
sustained release or enteric coated ironnot recc initial therapy=less absorption
administering with ___may enhance absorption ironvitamin c
iron and foodfood decrease absorption. take 1 hr before or 2 hrs after food
anemia iron treatment durationshould continue 3-6 months after resolves
most commonly prescribed ironferrous sulfate. 325mg (65 mg elemental). daily to TID
ferrous gluconate elemental iron %12%
ferrous sulfate elemental iron %20%
ferrus sulfate exsiccated elemental iron %30%
ferrous fumurate elemental iron %33%
carbonyl iron elemental iron %100%
polysaccharide iron complex iron %100%
iron overdose antidotedeferoxamne-desferal
patients must recieve test dose due to possibel anaphylacticiv iron dextran.
venoferiron sucrose iv
ferahemeferumoxytol iv iron
pernicious anemialow vit b12 due to lack of intrinisc factor so cant get absorption. can cause neurologic symptoms irreverisble if undected 6 months or more
cyanocobalaminvitamin b 12. injection first line for severe def or naurologic symptoms. otherwise injection then switch to oral.
long term use of ___ can decrease b12 absorptionmetformin and PPI (over 2 yrs)
chronic kidney disease causes anemia usually due todeficiency EPO (hormone produced by kidneys)
epo will not be beneficial ifiron stores are low. must have iv iron supplementation
TSAT in hemodialysis should beat least 20% and ferritin 200 prior to starting EPO
initiate EPO when hemoglobinless than 10. increase risk of death they cause so when approaches or exceeds 11 stop therapy.
when anticipated outcome cure for cancer patients then epono use
epo SE hypertension and thrombosis
monitoring eposhemoglobin and hematocrit, tsat, serum ferritin
eltrombopag (promacta)approved to treat severe aplastic anemia- increases platelet counts
coombs testto test for hemolytic anemia
G6PD deficiencyinheritd disorder, RBS destroyed when oxidative stress, foods and meds need to avoid