Android Facts

phamlin's version from 2011-07-14 15:01

Silly Questions

Question Answer
Your favorite gingerbread feature?gtalk with video chat support
Name of android phone you would create?er, phil's phone, I guess
Celebrity endorsement for the new Samsung PhilsphoneRick Astley
What will Rick Astley do to convince people to buy the new Samsung Philsphone?Be awesome.
Also, he would never give up promoting it... I have a feeling that he wouldn't let me down...
"Never gonna give you up..."

Real Questions

Question Answer
What do you think of the new wizards? (the Video Wizard and the Answer Wizard)?
Is it apparent how to alert me when you edit?Not entirely....but I will search for it.
Phil re alerting: "um, lemme look."We may try to make it jump out more. I won't give it away until then, so I don't bias you :)
ok, um, well let me know when you want me to look at it again...Please try again now. Dude, that's ridiculous. Perhaps a bit much :)
Can you see how to notify me now (try editing)??

Giant Arrow

Re "Dude, that's ridiculous. Perhaps a bit much :)", over 1/3 of people didn't notice to click it, and that means the person wouldn't be alerted about the edit, which would be bad.


Question Answer
What are the downsides to it being too much?makes the user feel like you're being a bit condescending... ? dunno
How to make it less ridiculous: make arrow a little smaller?sure, I suppose
How to make it less ridiculous: other ideas?it pops up at the top of the screen and is therefore easy to miss ... perhaps make it appear closer to where the user actually saves? Hmm, interesting idea
Glad you like it