Ancient Greece Unit 3

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Section 1

Question Answer
what prevented the ancient Greek city states from uniting to from a single nation?Mountainous Terrain
The ancient Greeks established a culture based on the seas as a result of little _________ landarable
Who was the playwright famous for for Greek tragedies such as Oedipus Rex and Antigone?Sophocles
What was the greatest cultural similarity between Sparta and Greece?Polytheistic religion and shared gods
Who was the famous Greek sculptor attributed to creating the statue of Athena in the Parthenon?Phidias
What war was won by sparta and weakened and divided Greek city states leaving Greece vulnerable to conquest? Peloponnesian war
An oligarchical government is characterized as rule by?few
Who was the philosopher that encouraged students to discover truth by developing a questioning method? Socrates
What was Hippocrates known for contributing?A code of ethics to medicine
What are aspects of spartan society?Oligarchy, militaristic society, and strict social structure

Section 2

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Who was the philosopher who wrote "The Republic"Plato
The Greek word polis refers to?city state
After the greek wars the greeks formed an alliance called?The Delian League
If one powerful individual seizes control of the government and makes all the decisions for the people, this government is known as?Tyranny
Attending the assembly, holding open discussions and voting by citizens demonstrate?Direct democracy
Who was the ruler of Athens during its golden age, who had the parthenon built and wanted to strengthen athens democracy?Pericles
Classical Greek statues and paintings were?lifelike and idealistic
Competition between the Greek city states of Athens and Sparta helped cause?The Peloponnesian war
Sparta was part of the?Peloponnesian league
One significance of the _________ wars was that they united Greece for the firsttimePersian wars
Who is considered the father of history?Herodotus
Who was the mathematician/inventor who developed a pulley and a screw mechanism to move water?Archimedes

Section 3

Question Answer
In ancient Athens the individual that had political rights and civic responsibility to take part in governments were known as?Citizens
Who was the mathematician who developed a theorem about the sides of a right triangle?Pythagoras
Who is the goddess of love and beauty who rose from the sea foam?Aphrodite
The Spartans were constantly afraid of the prospect of an uprising by slaves known as?Helots
Who was the blind poet who wrote the famous epic poems The Iliad and The Odyssey Homer
What is the famous trade route that stretched the length of Alexander the greats empire?The Silk Road
Who is the Athenian tyrant that is known for harsh legal code?Draco
What was the fortified hilltop in most Greek city states called?Acropolis
What cultures were a part of Hellenistic culture?Egyptian, Persian, and Greek