Ancient Greece 6-2.2

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Question Answer
Alexander The GreatHe built Greek-style cities that extended Greek influence and spread Hellenistic culture eastward to India.
Phillip of MacedoniaHe developed his army by organizing the men into phalanxes. He wanted to expand Macedonian power and conquer Greece.r
SocratesAn important philosopher who lived in Athens, who asked question after question to forced listeners to think more clearly
PlatoA student of Socrates, who recorded his teacher's ideas, and founded a school of philosophy called the Academy and wrote the book called The Republic
ArchimedesInventor and mathematician
AristotleA student of Plato, had his own school called the Lyceum. He wrote a book about government called Politics
PythagorasAn early Greek mathematician who invented the Pythagorean Therorem
Alexander conquestsHe led his army over three continents Europe, Africa, and Asia
Hellenistic PeriodA time when Alexander spread Greek like culture everywhere he went
mythologyThe religion of Ancient Greece
Tragedy and comedyGreek dramatist wrote two kinds of plays
Socratic questioningasking question after question to force his listeners to think more clearly