Ancient Egypt

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What did the scholars use to learn the meaning of Egyptian Hieroglyphics?Rosetta Stone
What is the process of preparing bodies for burial?mummification
On what continent is Egypt located?Africa
Who is next in line after the pharoah on a social pyramide?government workers
What invention helped the growth of Egypt?irrigation
What are the reeds that grew along the Nile River and were used to make paper?papyrus reeds
What body of water does the Nile River flow into?Mediterranean Sea
What is most of the land in Egypty?desert

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What is a delta?a triangular shape at the mouth of a river where there are deposits of silt, sand and small stones
What are cataracts?a waterfall along the Nile River
In which direction does the Nile River flow?South to North
Where are many pharaohs and rulers buried?In the valley of the kings
What did Khufu do?Had the Great Pyramid built
Who was Hatshepsut?The first woman ruler in Egypt that helped Egypt's wealth increase by using trade
What are people who are trained in hieroglyphics called?scribes

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