Ancient Egypt Vocabulary

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Section 1

Question Answer
HieroglyphicsThe Ancient Egyptian writing system in which pictorial symbols stand for words or sounds.
CataractSteep rapids in a river; a very large waterfall.
DeltaA triangle-shaped deposit of soil near the mouth of the river.
EmbalmTo prevent the decay of a dead body, by treating it with preservatives.
DynastyA series of rulers from the same family.
MummyA dead body embalmed in the manner of the Ancient Egyptians.
ObeliskA tall, four-sided pillar that tapers to a point like a pyramid.
PapyrusA long, thin reed; also, the paper-like writing material made by Egyptians from the reed's pith.
PharohA ruler of Ancient Egypt.
TributeA gift or payment to show respect or admiration.
AmuletAn object that protects that owner from danger or harm.
SarcophagusA stone coffin; any coffin.

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