Ancient Civilization Test 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
The Sumerians practiced ____polythiesim
]___, which is a belief in many gods.
Sumerians built large temple towers called _____.ziggurats
_____ came to power and conquered all the other city- states and established the first known ______.Sargon 1;empires
A form of picture writing that Egyptians usedHieroglyphics
Th reason for the discovery of the interpretation of the Egyptian picture writingRosetta stone
The dispersion of the Jewish people is know as scattering, or __________.diaspora
The Persian king ______ was one of the greatest conquerors who ever lived.Cyrus
Under _________, the Persian Empire reached it height, expanding all the way to Greece.Darius the Great

Section 2

Question Answer
What was the earliest known form of writing from the Sumerian civilization?Cuneiform
What was the capital of the Amorite civilization?Babylon
What was the name of the Amorite king who united the land of Mesopotamia under his rule?Hammurabi
What was the name of the man who united the two lands of Upper and Lower Egypt?Menes
Who was the most famous ruler of the Old Kingdom, and the builder of the Great Pyramid at Giza?Khufu
What is the name of the Asian people who came into Egypt and eventually became its rulers?Hyksos
Who was the greatest Egyptian warrior-king of the New Kingdom?Thutmose III
What city became the capital of the Assyrian Empire?Nineveh
What is the difference between astronomy and astrology?Astronomy: study of celestrial bodies; Astrology: interpertation of the placing of the starts and planets to figure out the destiny of people
*List the three civilizations that the Hebrew people encountered as they entered the Promised Land.Amreans, Phoenecians, Hittites
Who excelled in the production of iron?Hittites
What is the difference between the Hittites and Egyptians and Sumerians in the matter of how they were ruled?Hittites> kings; Egyptians> pharoahs; Sumerians> preists
What were the two most valuable natural resources that brought wealth to the Phoenicians?purple dye from mullosks and cedar & fir trees
What was the Assyrian army equipped with?Battering rams, iron weapons, war chariots, and siege towers
What group is believed to have been the originators of the alphabet?Phoenecians
Egypt was called by one Greek historian the "gift of the river." What river was he referring to?Nile
What was the name given to the ruler of Egypt during the Old Kingdom?Pharoah
*What is the definiton of theocracy?one god ruler over the people
Under what ruler did the "New Babylonian" Empire reach its height?Nebuchadnezzar
What was the name of the covenant that God made that expresses very briefly God's plan for redeeming His fallen world?Abrahamic Covenant
*How did Cyrus' methods of ruling the people distinguish him from the other conqueors?He was a wise and merciful ruler, he let the people he had captured free to go back to their homeland, let the places he defeated have some self-rule