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Cell theorybuilding blocks of all living organisms, divide from preexisting cells, maintain homeostasis at cellular level
Germ Cellsgive rise to gametes/sex cells
Somatic cellsdivide a limited number of times until they die
Cellbasic unit of structure and function in a human body
Differentiated cells Cells with specialized charecteristics due to expression of different genes

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Endocytosisintake of molecules by formation of new vessicles from cell membrane
Phagocytosisengulfing of a particle by pseudopia
pseudopiaa temporary projection from the cell used for feeding and locomotion
pinocytosisenvelopment of an extracellular fluid droplet into a vessicle
receptor-mediated endocytosisenables cell to aquire bulk quantities of specific substances from Extracellular fluid
exocytosissecretion of molecules by fusion of vessicles w/ cell membrane
transcytosistransports a substance from one end of cell to another using a combination of endo/exo cytosis

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Start of cell divisionchromosomes condense by coiling and folding of chromatin fiber
before mitosischromosome is a long, thin chromatin fiber
at start of mitosistwo sister chomatids attached along length by adhesive proteins each containing identicle DNA molecule
centromerepoint of closest attachment of sister chromatids
chromasomesconsist of two sister chromatids
during cell division sister chromatins separate and move into nuclei of two new cells (now considered individual chromosomes)
centrosomestwo centrioles (nine triplets of microtubles)
centrosomes guideguide chromosome movement during cell division

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growth factorprotein released by certain cells that stimulate other cells to divide
platelet is a form ofgrowth factor (PDFG)
anchorage dependencecells must be attached to a substrate in order to divide
density dependantcrowded cells stop diving
apoptosisA cell that does not divide
programmed cell death isapoptosis
functions of apoptosis includeshrinking the uterus after childbirth, peels away damaged skin after sunburn, scultps organs during development
Caspasesdestroy enzymes that replicate DNA/active enzymes that cut up DNA/fracture mitochondria/abolish cells ability to adhere to ther cells
phagocytesamoeba like WBC that engulf fragments of fragments of shattered cell