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Exaggerated over-curvature of thoracic area of vertebral column
Lateral deviation of vertebral column
Major feature of cervical vertebrae
Vertebra located at level of iliac crest
Ligament that connects internal surface of laminae of vertebrae
Ligament that checks hyperextension of vertebral column
Ligament affected with whiplash injury
Ligament which limits skull rotation
Defective portion of vertebra with spondylolisthesis in cervical area
what part of vertebrae is fractured in spondylolysis?pars interarticularis-portion btw superior & inferior articular processes
where is the triangle of auscultation locatedbtw inferior trapezius, superior latissimus dorsi and medial scapula
Common direction of all superior articular facets of vertebraePosterior
Structure in contact with posterior surface of densTransverse ligament of Atlas (part of cruciate lig.)
Most commonly herniated intervertebral discL 4/5
Most common nerve compressed with herniated intervertebral discL5
Spinal nerve affected by protrusion of the disc between C5/6C6
Thoracic intercostal space located deep to triangle of auscultationSixth
Innervation of suboccipital musclesSuboccipital nerve
Roof of suboccipital triangleSemispinalis capitis
Floor of suboccipital trianglePost. arch of atlas; posterior atlanto-occipital membrane
Major vessel within suboccipital triangleVertebral artery
Synonym for dorsal ramus of C2 Greater occipital nerve
Inferior extent of dura – arachnoid sacSV2
Inferior extent of spinal cordLV2
Location of internal vertebral venous plexusExtradural (epidural) space

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Innervation of costal pleuraIntercostal nerves (costal like intercostal m-I think this surrounds mediastinum)
Innervation of mediastinal pleuraphrenic n -mediastinum(space btw pleural cavities in thorax)
Site for auscultation of pulmonary valveLeft 2nd interspace
Site for auscultation of aortic valveRight 2nd interspace
Site for auscultation of tricuspid valveXiphisternal joint
Site for auscultation of mitral valveLeft 5th interspace, Midclavicular line
Chamber that forms apex of heartLeft ventricle
Heart chamber with greatest sternocostal projectionRight ventricle
Major chamber that forms base of heartLeft atrium
Heart chamber that contains moderator bandRight ventricle
Ridge located between sinus venarum and right auricleCrista terminalis(R atrium)

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Vertebral level of hyoid bonecervical vertebrae 3
Vertebral level of thyroid cartilageCV4,5
Vertebral level of cricoid cartilageCV6
Artery that determines coronary dominancePosterior interventricular(blood supply of heart is considered right side dominant if post inter arises from R corn a, considered L side dom if Post inter aries fr. L corn
Usual origin of SA and AV nodal arteriesR coronary a
Location of SA nodeCrista terminalis(R atrium)
Major vessel that drains musculature of heartCoronary sinus(located in R atrium, delievers deoxygenated blood to R atrium also with sup and inf vena cava)
Innervation of fibrous pericardiumPhrenic nerve
Most common cause of systolic ejection murmurAortic stenosis
Level where ascending aorta is continuous with arch of aortaTV4/TV5
Level where arch of aorta is continuous with descending aortaTV4/TV5
Effect of sympathetic nerves on lungsBronchodilation Vasoconstriction
Effect of parasympathetic nerves on lungsBronchoconstriction Vasodilation
Rationale for aspirated small objects to go to right primary bronchusWider diameter, shorter, more Vertical
Needle location for therapeutic pleural tappingSuperior to 12th rib posteriorly
Name given to portion of right ventricle prior to beginning of pulmonary trunkConus arteriosus or Infundibulum
Nerve at risk when repairing a patent ductus arteriosusLeft recurrent laryngeal(blood vessel connecting the pulmonary artery to the proximal descending aorta. It allows most of the blood from the right ventricle to bypass the fetus's fluid-filled non-functioning lungs)
Nerve at risk when performing thyroidectomyBoth left and right recurrent laryngeal nerves

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Dermatome around nippleT4
Vertebral level at inferior angle of scapulaT7
Structure that lies immediately posterior to manubrium
Rib related to oblique fissure of lung posteriorly