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The more motor units of a muscle that are activtated, thestronger the contraction
skeletal muscles are attatched to bones or connective tissue bytendons and aponeurosis
Not correct (muslces) removal of acetycholine causes fibers to contract
muslces are arranged in functional groups with opposing actionsagonist and antagonist
skeletal muscle fiber contains many threadlike contractile elementsmyofibrilis
motor neuron and all muscle fibers that it controls constitutemotor unit
movable attatchment of a muscleinsertion
contractile unit of myofibril lies between 2 successive Z linessacromere
muscle fibers of a skeletal muscle arranged in small groups are calledfascicles
The ribs that are joined directly to the sternum by costal cartilagetrue ribs
microscopic structural unit of compact boneosteon
freely movable joints are lubricated by synovial fluid
bones forming a freely movable hinge joint is tibia and femur

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Question Answer
opposite of mediallateral
neck constitutes the ___ body regioncervical
chin is _________ to the noseinferior
opposite of anteriorposterior
organ system involved in transport of materialcardiovascular system
study of functioning of human bodyphysiology
membranes covering spinal cordmeninges
towards the headsuperior
lowest level of organizationchemical
saclike membrane enveloping the heartpericardium
upper arm constitutes the ___ body regionbrachial
study of structure and organizationanatomy
distinct structure consisting of 2+ tisuses that work togetherorgans
plane that divides body to superior and inferiortransverse
opposite of internalexternal
lower leg constitutes the ___ body regioncrural
hip constitutes the _________ body regioncoxal
plane that divides the body into anterior and posteriorfrontal
organs located in pelvic cavityurinary and bladder & rectum
posterior are knee joint forms the ___ body regionpopliteal
basic structure and function of body cells
organ system that suports bodyskeletal system
opposite of parietalvisceral
chest constitutes the ___ body regionpectoral
cranial and vertebral cavitydorsal
thoracic divided into left and right bymediastinum
membrane covering internal organ in abdominal cavityvisceral peritoneum
opposite of distalproximal
divides body into 2 equal left and right halvesmidsagital
maintenance of relatively stabel internal environmenthomeostasis
membrane that line thoracic cavitypleural membrane
rapid coordination of body functionnervous system
overall cavity is composed of thoracic and abdominopelvic cavityventral
organs found in upper left abdominoplevlic quadrantstomach, spleen, left kidney, small intestine
sum of all life processmetabolism
body cavities that are seperated by the diaphragmabdominal/thoracic

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Question Answer
molecule compsed of 2 fatty acids and phosphate group attatched to glycerolphospholipid
class of organic compounds that are primarily source of nutrient energy for the bodycarbohydrates
excess nutrients usually stored in bodytriglycerides
organelles that are the site of ATP production are themitochondria
semiliquid located between the nucleus and cell membranecytoplasm
storage form of carbohydrates in bodyglycogen
form of carbohydrates transported in bloodglucose
class of lipids forming major parts of cell membranesphospholipids
structural and functional units of bodyorgans
triglycerides, phospholipids and steroids belong to lipids
organelle that helps cells assemble proteinsribosomes
most abundant inorganic compoundwater
class of organic compounds that are formed of AAproteins
ATP differs from ADP3 phosphate group
DNA onlythymine
DNA and RNA are examples of large molecules callednucleic acid
solvent which chem reactions of life occurwater
cell nucleus contains instruction for protein synthesis encoded indna of chromosome
membrane forming outer edge of cytoplasmplasma membrane
molecule composed of glycerol and 3 fatty acidstriglyceride
glucose, fructose, and ribosemonosaccharides
energy for immediate cell useATP
organic molecules are distinguished by containingC&H
sex hormones and cholesterol arelipids
cell parts are also calledorganelles
steroid that tends to be deposited in arterial walls when its excessively abundant in bloodcholesterol

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