Anatomy- Proximal Femur and Pelvis

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Pelvic girdle consists of2 hip bones
Pelvis consists of2 hip bones, sacrum, coccyx
Most superior and lateral part of the proximal femurgreater trochanter
Most distal part of the proximal femurlesser trochanter
Fovea capitisattachment for femoral head ligament (hole)
What is on the posterior side of the proximal femur that connects trochanters?Intertrochanteric crest

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Angle of neck to shaft average125
Angle of neck to shaft tall narrow140
Angle of neck to shaft shorter wide110
Angle from vertical average10
Angle from vertical wide15
Angle from vertical narrow5
Anterior angle of head and neck to body15-20

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3 divisions of the hip boneilium, ischium, pubis
iliumlargest; superior
ischiuminferior and posterior
pubisinferior and anterior

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parts of iliumbody, ala, crest,ASIS, PSIS
parts of isichiumbody, ischial tuberosity, ramus,ischial spines
parts of pubisbody, superior ramus, inferior ramus, obturator foramen
level crestl4l5
level greater trochanterupper margin of symphysis
level of ischial tuberosity1/2- 2 in below symphysis
Above brim of pelvis=greater/false; abdominal contents
Below brim of pelvis=lesser/true; birthing canal

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m or f? wider, more flaredf
m or f? shallowf
m or f? more obtusef
m or f? larger/ more roundedf
m or f? narrower/ deeperm
m or f? acutem
m or f? heart shaped/ inletm

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Sacroiliac jtSynovial, amphiarthrodial
Symphysis Pubis jtCartilaginous, amphiarthrodial
Hip jtSynovial, diarthrodial, ball and socket/ spheroid

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How to find femoral neck method one:midpoint ASIS and symphysis, 2.5 in neck, 1.5 in distal neck at right angles
How to find femoral neck method two:ASIS, 1-2 in medially, 3-4in distal to femoral neck
Why do we rotate the feet in 15-20 degrees?To get the femoral neck parallel to the IR
___kVp____mAs (High, Low) ____ focal spotHigh kVp Low mAs, large focal spot

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