Anatomy of the Urinary System

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What is the pathway that the ureters take from the bladder?1. Continuous with the renal pelvis at the ureteropelvic junction, descend retroperitoneally on the medial aspect of psoas major, enter the bladder through the posterior wall
What are the 3 constrictions of the ureter?1. Ureteropelvic junction 2. When ureters cross the common iliac vessels at the pelvic brim 3. Where the ureters enter the bladder wall
What are the 3 layers of the ureter?1. Lining of transitional epithelium 2. Smooth muscle muscular is 3. Outer adventitia of fibrous connective tissue
What is the capacity of the bladder?500ml
What are the 3 layers of the bladder?1. Adventitia 2. Detrusor muscle 3. Inner muscosa
What is the trigone?Triangular potion of the bladder bordered by the internl urethral opening and orifices of the right and left ureter
What is the vascular supply of the bladder?Primarily via the internal iliac that supply the umbilical artery which supplies the superior and inferior vesicle arteries
What are the relations of the bladder in males?Seminal vesicles, ductus deferens, ureters, rectum, space of Retzius (ant.), parietas peritoneum
What are the relations of the bladder in females?Pertoneum, ureters, vagina, anterior vaginal wall
How long is the ureter in males and females?Male- 20cm Female- 2-3cm
What part of the prostate is most likely to have BPH?Transitional zone
What are the 4 zones of the prostate?Central, fibromuscular, transitional, peripheral
What are the 3 simultaneous events of miscturation?1. Contraction of detrusor 2. Opening of internal urethral sphincter (autonomic) 3. Opening of external uretral sphincter (somatic)
Where is the micturation centre located?The pons
What is the innervation of the external urethral sphincter?The pudendal nerve (contracts to withhold urine)
What is the innervation of the internal urethral sphincter?Hypogastric nerve
What is the nervous process in an empty bladder?Pelvic nerve not innervated, stimulates hypogastic nerve (sympathetic), internal sphincted contracts and detrusor muscle relaxes
What is the nervous process of a full bladder?Pelvic nerve stretch receptors stim, stimulates pontine micturation centre, hypogastric nerve inhibited, detrusor contracts, pudendal nerve inhibited, ext sphincted relaxes