Anatomy of the Liver

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In which abdominal regions is the liver located?Right hypochondrium, epigastric and left hypochondrium
Where does the falciform ligament attach?Anterior abdominal wall, liver and under surface of diaphragm
Where and what is the ligamentum teres? (round ligament)degenerative string of tissue that exists in free edge of falciform ligament, embryological remnant of umbilical vein
Where are the subhepatic recesses?Behind the liver and in front of the kidney and suprarenal gland
What is the clinical important of subphrenic and subhepatic recesses?In supine position fluid drains from the omental bursa to the recesses
Which structures lie in the groove of the right sagittal fissure of the liver?IVC and gall bladder
Which structures lie in the groove of the left sagittal fissure of the liver?Ligamentum teres
Which structures lie in the horizontal groove?Hepatic arteries, portal vein + hepatic duct (porta hepatis)
Name the 4 lobes of the liverright, left, caudate, quadrate
What route is taken by bile from the liver to the gall bladder/duodenumbile canaliculi, bile ducts, hepatic ducts, cystic duct or common bile duct
What % of blood to the liver comes from the hepatic artery proper?25%
What % of blood to the liver comes from the hepatic portal vein?75%
Where does the hepatic artery proper arise from?Common hepatic artery from celiac trunk
Where does the hepatic artery proper bifurcate into right and left hepatic arteries?near porta hepatis
Where does blood to the liver drain into?The sinusoids
Where are sinusoids in the liver?Between plates of hepatocytes
What do sinusoids empty into?Central veins (leading to hepatic veins)
Where do hepatic veins drain into?IVC
Which lymph nodes does the lymph from the liver flow to?Celiac lymph nodes
Where do the efferent lymph vessels from the celiac lymph nodes flow to?Inferior end of thoracic duct - cisterna chyli
Which nerves provide sympathetic innervation to the liver?Greater splanchnic nerves (T5-T9)
Which nerves provide parasympathetic innervation to the liver?Vagus
What effect does sympathetic innervation have on the liver?Increased production of glucose
What effect does parasympathetic innervation have on the liver?Increased production of glycogen
Which nerves transmit the pain from the liver?Greater splanchnic nerves (T5-T9)
What are Kupffer cells?Specialised macrophages that break down haemoglobin into bilirubin
How does the wall of the gall bladder differ from that of the remainder of the GI tract?No submucosa or muscularis mucosa, has columnar cells lining lumen

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