Anatomy - Neck

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what is the superior border of the neckthe mandible to the mastoid
what is the inferior border of the neckthe clavicle
what is the posterior border of the neckthe anterior of the trapezius
what is the level of the hyoid boneC3
what is the level of the cricoidC6
what is the innervation of platysmafacial VII
what is the arterial supply of the platysmafacial artery and suprascapular a
what is the origin of the SCMsternum and clavicle
what is the insertion of the SCMlateral surface of the mastoid and nuchal line
what is the innervation of the SCMCNXI accessory
what is the arterial supply of the SCMthe suprascapular
what is the path of the external jugulardrains the face, crosses the SCM runs thru the posterior triangle, empties into the subclavian vein
what are the 4 nerves from erbs pointlesser occipital, great auricular, transverse cervical, med interm lat supraclavicular nerves
what describe the path of te great auricular nerveruns with the external jugular to the posterior ear region
what nerve innervates the skin over the anterior triangletransverse cervical n
which nerve pierces the platysmathe transverse cervical
which nerve travels with the external jugular veinthe great auricular n
which nerve goes to the sternoclaviculatr jointthe medial superaclavicular nerve
which nerve goes to the acromioclavicular jointthe lateral supraclavicular n
what are the levels of the nerves coming from erbs pointC2... C2-3... C2-3... C3-4

posterior triangle

Question Answer
what are the 3 boundaries of the posterior trianglethe anterio is the SCM... post is the trap... inferior is the clavicle
6 floor muscles of the posterior trianglesemispinalis capitis, splenius capitis, levator scapulae, anterior middle posterior scaline
what is the roof of the posterior trianglethe deep fascia between the SCM and the trapezius
what is the origin and insertion of the splenius capitisthe spines of C7 to T5... inserts on the mastoid and the nuchal lines
what is the innervation of the spelius capitislateral branch of the lower cervical spinal nerves
levator scapulae ori and insO C1-4 trans process... ins superior angle of scap
innervation of levator scapulaeventral rami of C3-4
what is the O/I of scalenus ant, med, postmedius ori C1-7... anterior ori C3-6... post ori C4-6... ... med ins on 1st rib.. anterior on scalene tubercle of 1st rib... post on the 2nd rib, sup border
innervation of the scalenesmed C3-7, ant C4-7, post C5-7
describe the course of the transverse cervical asplits to superficial and deep at the levator scap
what is the difference in the path of the transverse cervical and the suprascapular aa relative to the scalenesthe trans cerv runs posterior and the sup scap runs anterior
name the 4 nerve branches thru the posterior triangethe Spinal accessory... dorsal scap... cervical plexus... brachial plexus
which nerve peirces the medial scalenedorsal scapular nerve
describe the location of the dorsal scapular nervepierces the middle scalene as it runs thru the posterior triangle
describe the path of the acessory nervethru the posterior triangle, runs on top of the levator scapulae then dives under the trap
what nerves make upr the cervical plexusthe 4nerves that come out of erbs point PLUS the phrenic nerve
describe the location of the cervical plexusunder erbs point in the posterior triangle
where does the brachial plexus emerge from the neckbetween the anterior and medial scalene
describe the path of the phrenic nervecomes out of the cervical plexus and runs on the top of the anterior scalene
describe the occipital trianglethe larger subtriangle within the posteror triangle... inferior border defined by the omohyoid inferior belly
describe the supraclavicular trianglethe inferior subdivision of the posterior triangle... superior border is defined by the inferior belly of the omohyoid

anterior triangle

Question Answer
what are the borders of the anterior triangleanterior midline of the neck, inferior border of mandible, SCM
what are the 2 large muscle groups in the anterior trianglethe suprahyoid and the infrahyoids
what are the suprahyoid musclesmylohyoid, geniohyoid, digastric, stylohyoid
what are the infrahyoid musclessternohyoid, omohyoid (2 bellies), sternothyroid, thyrohyoid
what is the mylohyoidelevates hyoid, origin at the midline of the mandible
what is the geniohyoidsuperior to mylohyoid, raises hyoid
describe the digastric muscle2 bellies connected by a intermediate tendon... goes from mastoid thru loop to chin... raises hyoid during speaking
describe the stylohyoidgoes from the styloid to the hyoid... raised hyoid
what is the ansa cervicalisthe nerve fibers from c1-3... has a superior (c1) and inferior root (c2-3)
what is innervated by the ansa cervicalisthe infrahyoids and the geniohyoid
what is the innervation of all of the infrahyoidsC1-3 from the ansa cervicalis... except the thyrohyoid!!! (hypoglossal)
what is the innervation of the thyrohyoidthe only infrahyoid not innervated by the ansa cervicalis... HYPOGLOSSAL (C1)
what is the function of the omohyoiddepress the hyoid
function of the sternohyoiddepress the hyoid after swalowing
function of the thyrohyoidraise the larynx
function of sternothyroiddepress the larynx
4 contents of the submandibular trianglesubmand gland, submand duct, hypoglossal nerve, stylohyoid m
describe the path of the hypoglossal nerve XIIthru submental triangle, under internal jugular, over the 2 carotid arteries in the carotid triangle
contents of the carotid trianglecarotid divisions, carotid sheath, hypoglossal nerve XII, internal jugular vein meets brachiocephallic
what and where is the carotid sinusa pressure receptor located at the begining of the (posterior) interior carotid artery
what and where is the carotid bodychemoreceptor for O2, at the bifurcation of the internal and external carotid arteries
4 contents of the carotid sheathcommon and internal carotid a., internal jugular vein, vagus nerve, deep cervical lymphnodes
what triangle holds the thyroidmuscular triangle
location of the vagus in the carotid sheathposterior to vessels
location of the vagus when it crosses the subclavian aanterior to it
what nerve innervates the carotid bodythe vagus
what is the relationship of the toracic duct to the carotid sheathit is posterior to the sheath
what innervates the thyroidthe vagus nerve
describe the drainage of the thyroidthe superior and middle v drain to the internal jugular vein, the inferior drains to the L brachiocephallic
where do the recurrent laryngeal nerves runthey run on the left side between the esophagus and trachea