Anatomy lab practical

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Section 1

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gyrusraised area in the brain
sulcussmall grooves
cerebellumequilibrium (coordination)
parietal lobesensory reception
temporal lobe hearing
spinal cordsends information to and from brain
central fissureseparates the lobes
occipital lobevision
frontal lobemuscle memory

Section 2

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olfactory bulbsense of smell from the nose
optic nervecarries nerve impulses from eye to brain

Section 3

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pons voluntary movement
midbrainpain register
hypothalamuseating, body temperature; link systems
optic chiasmawhere two optic nevres cross over
pyramidial tractmotor neurons that start in cerebral cortex and ends in brain stem; involved with motor control
pyriform lobebetween the insula and temporal lobe; perception of smell
medulla controls and regulate breathing, heart and blood vessel function, digestion, sneezing, and swallowing.
pituitary glandscontrols hormones

Section 4

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corpus collulosumjoins two hemispheres of the brain
thalamusrelays sensory information
pineal bodyendocrine system
3rd ventriclespace in brain filled with spinal fluid; protects brain from injury
4th ventricle space in brain filled with spinal fluid; protects brain from trauma
hippocampusprocesses memories

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