Anatomy- L Spine, Sacrum, Coccyx

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When do you see the intervertebral foramina in L spine?Lateral
When do you see the zygapophyseal joints?45 degree oblique
How much of an oblique do you need to see Zyga joints of L1L250 degrees
How much of an oblique do you need to see Zyga joints of L4L530 degrees
What is between superior and inferior articulating process?Pars interarticularis

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How many bones make up the sacrum in an infant?5
Anterior surface of the sacrum is (concave or convex)?concave
Alalarge wings
Most distal part of the sacrumapex
What contains blood vessels and nerves?sacral foramina
What does the superior articulating process articulate with?L5
Most anterior part of the sacrumSacral promontory
Most posterior part of the sacrumSacral crest
What is the sacral crest made up of?Spinous process of 5 individual bones in an infant
What does the auricular surface articulate with?ilium of the pelvis, forms the sacroiliac joint

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What makes the ear of the scotty dog?superior process
What makes the nose of the scotty dog?transverse process
What makes the eye of the scotty dog?pedicle
What makes the neck of the scotty dog?pars interarticularis
What makes the leg of the scotty dog?inferior process

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Sacroiliac jointsynovial and amphiarthrodial
Zygapophyseal jointsynovial, diarthrodial
Intervertebral jointcartilaginous and amphiarthrodial
What side do you see in a C spine and T spine posterior oblique?upside
What side do you see in a L spine posterior oblique?downside
How much does it reduce ovarian dose to do L spine prone?25-30%

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