Anatomy - Head, Face

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borders of piriform aperaturemaxillae, nasal
list the bones of the orbitsphenoid, ethmoid, lacrimal, maxillae, zygomatic, nasal, frontal
which bone does the infraorbital foramne pass thrumaxillae
which is more anterior styloid or mastoid processesstyloid
which bone do the styloid and mastoid processes come off oftemporal
how are the superior and inferior temporal lines fromedpressure from the temporalis fascia
3 bones of the coronal suture2 parietal, frontal
what is the connection in the coronal suturean interosseous membrane
describe the frontal suturea suture down the midline of the frontal bone that disappears in the adult
what does the lambdoid suture connectthe 2 parietals and the occipital
which bone contains the external acousitic meatustemporal
what are 4 bones of the pterionparietal, temporal, frontal, sphenoid
what structure runs beneath the pterionmiddle meningeal artery
which bones contain the foramen for the emmisary veinparietal
which suture contains intrasutural boneslabdoid
which important muscle group inserts on the superior and inferior nuchal linesthe capitis group
what is the bregmathe point where the sagital meets the coronal sutures
what is the lambdaconnection of the lambdoid and the sagital sutures
what 2 bones make up the roof of the mouthmaxillae and palatine bones
what attaches to the pharyngeal tuberclepharyngeal rafe
what bone contains the pharyngeal tubercleoccipital
what does bruceys gay ass love to call the bone of the skulldiploe
what are the granular pitspits formed by the arachnoid space
what is the sulcus for superior sagital sinusthe drain for the brain
what region does the inner ear run thrupetrous portuion of temporal bone
what does the anterior fontanelle becomebregma
what does the posterior fontanelle becomelambda

In which bone

Question Answer
jugular foramentemporal
carotid canaltemporal
foramen ovalesphenoid
foramne spinosumsphenoid
foramen magnumoccipital
foramnen lacerummiddle of the sphenoid

List the contents of the

Question Answer
supraorbitalsupraorbital artery and nerve
infraorbitalinfraorbital vein, artery, nerve
mentalmental nerve, artery , vein
foramen for emmisary veinveins connecting scalp to dural venous sinuses
mastoid foramenmastoid a, and emmissary v., posterior meningeal a
stylomastoidmotor fibers of the facial nerve
jugular foramenglossopharyngeal nerve (9), vagus n (10), accessory n (11), internal jugular vein
carotid canalinternal carotid
foramen ovalemandibular nerve, accessory artery
foramne spinosummiddle meningeal artery
hypoglossalhypoglossal nerve to tongue
foramen lacerumgreater petrosal nerve
foramen rotundummaxillary division of trigeminal n
optic canalopthallamin artery, optic nerve
internal acoustic meatusfacial n, auditory n, vestibular n
hypophyseal fossapituitatry gland (AKA sella turcica)

the face

Question Answer
what are the borders of the facechin to hairline
what muscle does the parotid duct piercebuccinator
what are the two canthusthe lateral and medial corners of the eye
what is the innervation of the bulbar conjunctivaopthallamic nerve
what is the inenrvation of the palpebral conjunctivaopthallamic nerve on the upper, infraorbital on the lower
what structures are lacking in the corneal epitheliumblood vessels
what is the fornixthe junction between bulbar and the palpebral conjunctiva
what are the drains of the eyesuperior and inferior lacrimal punctatum
which two muscles help open the eyelidlevator palpebrae superioris, superior tarsal
what is the smooth muscle of the eyelidsuperior tarsal
what is the tarsal glandsebacious gland behind the eye
what is the tarsal plateconnective tissues making up the eyelid
what is the orbital septumconnects the frontal bone portion of the orbit to the tarsal plate
what are the two glands of the eyelidciliary and tarsal
what is the lacrima sacsplits the medial palpebral ligament... is the begining of the
what innervates the tarsal musclesthe SNS
what muscle splits the lacrimal glandlevato palpebrae superioris
describe the drainage of tears from the eyeinto the medial puncta, to cannaliculi, to lacrimal sac, to lacrmal duct, to inferior nasal meatus
what is the bony septum of the nosethe perpendicular plate of the ethmoid bone
what is the scalpskin, dense connective tissue, aponeurosis, loose connective tissue, pericranium
what is the origin of the supratrochelar and supraorbital arteriesthe internal carotid NOT EXTERNAL
what are the sensory nerve of the face off ofthe trigeminal
what are the 3 main sensory branches off of the trigeminalmandibular, maxillary, opthallamic
what is the sensory innervation pattern of the back of the headinnervated by spinal nerves
what forms the begining of the external jugular veinthe union of the posterior auricular and the retromandibular
what gives rise to the middle meningeal amaxillary a


Question Answer
frontalismoves the scalp
occipitalismoves scalp
orbicularis oculicloses eye
orbicularis orispurses lips
buccinatorcompress cheeks


Question Answer
borders of the temporal fossaefrontal process of zygomatic bone... zygomatic arch... superior temporal line
what is the insertion of temporaliscoronoid process of the mandible
what is the lateral boundary of the infratemporal fossathe mandible
what are the foramina of the infratemporal fossaspinosum, ovale, inferior orbital fissure, pterygomaxillary fissure
what is the origin of the inferior alveolar athe maxillary a
what is the source of the lingual branch of the inferior alveolar amaxillary a
what supplies the temporalis muscledeep temporal aa
what are the alveolar and temporal aa a branch ofthe maxillary a
what is the major nosebleed arterythe sphenopalatine artery
what is the major nerve of the infraorbital fossathe mandibular nerve and its branches
what is the function of the lingual nervesensory to the anterior 2/3
what is the function of the chorda tympani nervethe innervation of the salivary glands and the sensation of tongue
List the branches of the mandibular nervedeep temporal, buccal, lingual, myelohyoid, inferior alveolar, auriculotemporal
what foramen does the mandibular nervepass thruthe foramen ovale
what does the otic ganglion innervatethe parotid gland
describe the path of the buccal nervepasses thru the superior and inferior head of the lateral pterygoid m
what is the source of the otic ganglionthe lesser petrosal nerve
what is the chorda tympani nerves pathto the middle ear
what two bones make up the pterygopalatine fossasphenoid and maxillae
what is the location of the sphenopalatine foramenpterygopalatine foramen
what are the two most important parts of the pterygopalatine fossasphenopalatine artery and the pterygopalatine ganglion
what is the sphenopalatine aretery a branch ofthe maxillary
what foramen does the sphenopalatine artery pass thruthe sphenopalatine
what neurons are in the pterygopalatine ganglionpostganglionic parasympathetics
where do fibers of the pterygopalatine ganglion goto the lacrimal gland
what innervates the upper teethmaxillary nerve
what innervates the lower teethmandibular nerve