Anatomy - Genitals

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2 triangles of the perineumpasterior and anterior
descibe the relationship of the perineum to the pelvic diaphragminferior to the diaphragm
what is the other name and the contents of the posterior perineal trianglethe anal triangle and it contains the anal canal and the ischioanal fossa on either side
what is the contents of the anterior perineal triangleexternal genitalia and end of urogenital passages (urethra)
what divides the perineuma line joining the anterior portions of the ischial tuberosities
what is the central perineal bodythe center of the perineum, also called the central tendon of the perineum
what does the urogenital diaphragm lie onthe anterior perineal triangle, has the uerthra passing thru it
what is the urogenital diaphragma thin muscle between the pubic arch... covered by fascia AKA perineal membrane
describe the membranous fascia from the abdomen to the penis and scrotum to the perineumscarpies fascia, becomes dartos fascia when combined with the covering of the perineum, the colles fascia
describe the difference between the superficial and depp peroneal spacesthe superficial is between the superficial perineal fascia and the urogenital diaphragm... the deep is between the superior and inferior fascia of the urogenital diaphragm (contains sphincter [ext])
describe the contents of the superficial perineal spaceroot of penis and clit formed from crura and 2 bulbs... also contains the perineal body
contents of the deep perineal spacethe vagina, the urethra, ext sphincter, deep transverse perineal muscle
describe what the urethra sphincter muscle surrounds in males and femalesin females vagina and urethra, in males only urethra (membranous)
describe the origin of the urethral sphincter musclethe medial pubic ramus
what is the innervation of the urethral sphincter musclethe perineal nerve, branch of pudendal
3 portions of the male uretheraprostatic, membranous, spongy
what space are the bulbourethral glands inthe deep perineal space
descibe the origin and insertion of the deep transvers perineal musclefrom the ischial ramus, inserts on the perineal body (and vagina)
what is the difference between the urethra sphincter muscel and the deep transverse perineal musclethe urethra sphincter muscle arches anteriorly and compresses the urethra and the vagina while the deep transverse goes posterior to the vagina and supports the viscera... together they make a half circle
innervation of the transverse perineal musclepudendal nerve
4 muscles that insert on the perineal bodyBLT’s ... transverse perineal, levator ani, bulbospinous, sphincter
muscles cut in median epesiotomy vs mediolateralsuperficial perineal m, vs bulbospongious muscle
what are the lateral borders of the anal trianglethe sacrotuberous ligaments
which muscles overly the anal trianglethe glut max
3 contents of the anal fossaanal canal, ext anal sphincterm ischioanal fossa
where can you get abcesses around the rectuminto the ischoanal fossa
what is the innervation of the spuerior rectum versus the inferior portionthe superior is only autonomics, but the inferior is innervated by the inferior rectal nerves
part of the external anal sphincter is assisted by a muscle, what is itthe puborectalis

Male Genitalia

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describe the covering of the seminal vesicle superior end covered by peritoneum, inferior end covered by retrovesical septum
arterial supply of the seminal vesicleinferior vesicle a, middle rectal a
what 2 structures join to form the ejaculatory ductthe seminal vesicles and the vas deferens
where do the ejaculatory ducts runin the posterior portion of the prostate
where do the ejaculatory ducts open tothe prostatic urethra
what type of gland is the prostatean accessory gland
what surrounds the prostatea true capsule and a false capsule
what is the portion of the prostate between the ejaculatory ducts and the urethra calledthe middle lobe of the prostate
where is the prostatic utriclein the middle lobe of the prostate
where do the prostatic ducts open tothe prostatic urethra from the posterior
describet eh two arteries of the prostatethe inferior vesical and the middle rectal
where would prostate cancer move to via veinspelvic veins to common iliac, pelvic veins to IVC
where would prostate cancer move via lymphinternal iliac nodes, common iliac nodes, lumbar nodes
where dot he ductus deferens startthe epidydimis
what is the ductus deferens adhered tothe parietal perineum
arterial supply of the ductus deferenssuperior of inferior vesicular artery to the testicular arteries
innervation of the ductus deferensfrom the inferior hypogastric plexus
where do the testis developbetween the transversalis fascia and the peritoneum
3 coverings of the testistunica vaginalis, tunica albiginea, tunica vasculasa
blood supply of the testistesticular arteris
venous drainage of the testisthe pampiniform plexus to the gonadal veins (IVC/renal)
3 arteries of the scrotumthe external pudendal (ant), the internal pudendal (int), testicular and cremasteric arteries
venous drainage of the testisthe external pudendal
2 innervations of the scrotumthe anterior by the ilioinguinal nerve, the posterior by the med and lat perineal nerve
begining of the permatic cordthe deep inguinal ring
describe the cremasteric reflexthe retraction of testicles by touching the scrotum
whiich nerves work during the cremasteric reflexilioinguinal are sensory and genitofemoral are motor
what is hydroceleremnant of the process vaginalis allowing water to enter the scrotum
what does two testes on one side indicatestesticular tumorwhat is varioceledilation of the testicular veins
what is the name of the tissure surrounding the penis bulbstunica albuginea
3 ligaments of the penistwo fundiform ligaments connecting the scarpas fascia to the penis... suspensory ligament made of deep fascia
3 arteries of the penisdorsal arteris, deep arteries, artery to the bulb
ligament that holds the dorsal veins of the penisthe arcuate ligament
nerves of the penis (5)dorsal n, cavernous nn, ilioinguinal, perineal branch of post fem cut, post scrotal... PUDENDAL is one to remeber
what are the two muscles that stem the blood in the penisbulbospongeous, ischiocavernous
where does erection blood exit the penisthe deep dorsal vein under the arcuate ligament

Female Genitalia

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location of the ovariesin the pelvis minor, in the ovarian fossa
which part of the ovary is covered with the broad ligamentthe anterior
what is the mesovariumthe broad ligament which coveres the anterior part of the ovary
where do the ovarian arterire enter thruthe suspensory ligament
do the uterine aa go anterior or post to the ureteranterior
2 portions of the uterusthe body and the cervix
what is the normal site of uterine implantationthe isthmus of the uterus.. the constriction between the body and cervix
where is the usual site of fertilizaationthe ampulla of the uterine tube
describe the somatic innervation of the uterusilioinguinal, post fem cut, pudendal
ANS innervation of uterusbranches of inf hypogastric
what happens to the position of the overy after childrenit changes
what is the problem with right sided LQ paincould be appendix, could be ruptured ectopic pregnancy
what is endometriosisgrowth of endometrium in places it shouldnt be
what nerve is blocked in pregnancypudendal
what is anteflexionbody bent over cervix
what is antvertedbody bent over bladder
what is retroverteduterus bent post
where do the uterine tubes enter uterusthe horn (cornua)
what do round ligaments connectthe ovaries to the labia majora
which part of the uterus is moveablethe body
which part of the uterus is immoveablethe cervix
describe the broad ligamentconnects the uterus body to the wall of the lesser pelvis
what tissue is in the broad ligamentparametrium
problem withvaginal infectioncan cause peritonitis
relationship between vaginal and uterusat a 90 degree angle
what is the fornixthe vaginal surround of the cervix
top and bottom of labia minorthe clitoris and the frenulum
landmark for pudendal nerve blockischial spine


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when does the rectum become the anal canalat the end of the coccyx
what muscle forms the anorectal anglethe puborectal muscle
what is the ampullathe distendible last portion of the rectum
describe the peritoneum on the rectumon the sup 1/3 only on the lateral and anterior sides
what is the pararectal fossathe area allowing for expansion of the rectum
things that can be palpated through tht rectumprostate, ischial spine, iliac nodes, uterus swelling, hernia into the ichioanal fossae, appendix
ureters ant or post to iliac arteriesanterior
muscular layers of the bladderinner long, middle circ, outter long
what forms the internal sphincterthe inner circular layer