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How many bones are in the foot26, 28 if you count the seasmoids
How many joints are in the foot35
AVN of the tibial sesamoidRenandier's Dz
AVN of the fibulae sesamoidTrevor's Dz
AVN of the phalangesTheiman's Dz
AVN of the metatarsal heads (most commonly the 2nd)Freiberg's infarction
AVN of the 5th met baseIselen's Dz
AVN of the cuneiformsBuschke's Dz
AVN of the navicular in pedsKohler's Dz
AVN of the navicular in adultsMueller-weiss
AVN of the cuboidLance Dz
AVN of the talusDiaz Dz
AVN of the calcaneusSever's Dz
AVN of the proximal medial tibial epiphysisBlount's Dz
AVN of the tibial tuberosityOsgood-Schlatter Dz
AVN of the femoral epiphysisLegg-Calve-Perthes


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accessory ossicle Between 1st cuneiform and 1st and 2nd metatarsal basesos intermetatarsium
accessory ossicle Proximal 5th metatarsal baseos vesalianum
accessory ossicle Accessory navicularos tibiale externum
accessory ossicle Dorsal aspect of navicularos supranaviculare
accessory ossicle Sesamoid bone in PB tendonOs Peroneum
accessory ossicle Dorsal, anterior process of calcos calcaneus secondarius
accessory ossicle Posterior aspect of sustentaculum talios sustentaculi
accessory ossicle Posterior aspect of talus (Steida process)os trigonum
accessory ossicle Distal to medial malleolusos subtibiale
accessory ossicle Distal to lateral malleolusos subfibulare

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What attaches periosteum to boneSharpey fibers
What are the three types of coalitionsSynchondrosis (cartilaginous), syndesmosis (fibrous), and synostosis (osseous)
Difference between a coalition and barBar extra-articular fusion, coalition is an intra-articular fusion
Most common coalition in the footDIPJ of the 5th digit
Most common coalition in the rear footSTJ (talocalcaneal)
what is a steida processenlarged os trigonum
Only bone in the foot with NO muscular or tendinous insertionTalus
First layer of plantar foot musclesAbductor hallucis, adbuctor digiti minimi, and FDB
2nd layer of plantar foot musclesQuadratic plantae, lumbricles, FHL and FDL tendons
3rd layer of plantar foot musclesFHB, adductor hallucis,flexor digiti minimi, tendons of peroneus longus and tibialis posterior
4th layer of plantar foot musclesDorsal and plantar interosseous mm
what layer of the foot does FDL run2nd
muscle that is the origin of the lumbricals and insertion of QPFDL
What deformity results from cutting the quadratic plantaeDigits 4 & 5 become adductovarus
What angle do the ATFL and CFL create105 degrees
EDL insertionsling wraps around capsule which attaches to PP, DTML, and flexor tendon sheath thus attaching to plantar proximal phalanx. No direct insertion to proximal phalanx.
origin of capsularis tendonextensor hallucis longus m
insertion of capsularis tendonfirst MTP joint capsule
master knot of henryfibrous connection btw FHL and FDL tendons
what structures attach to the fibular sesamoid
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Are the sesamoids capsular or extra-capsular?capsular


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What is the Lisfranc ligament?Attaches lateral aspect of medial cuneiform to medial base of 2nd metatarsal
What structures in the Lisfranc joint are not connected by ligaments?1st and 2nd metatarsals
What is the spring ligament?plantar calcaneonavicular ligament
What ligaments compose the bifurcate ligament?Dorsal calcaneonavicular and calcaneocuboid ligaments
What tendons pass over the deltoid ligament?TP and FDL
What are the lateral ankle ligaments?Anterior talofibular, calcaneofibular, posterior talofibular
Which is stronger 􏰔 the lateral ankle ligaments or the deltoid ligament?deltoid
What are the components of the deltoid ligament?superficial-tibionavicular, tibiocalcaneal, posterior tibiotalar; deep-anterior tibiotalar
What is the strongest lateral ankle ligament?Posterior talofibular


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Which ankle ligaments are extra-capsular? Which are capsular?Calcaneofibular ligament is extra-capsular, all others are capsular
What tendons pass over the lateral ankle ligaments?peroneus brevis and longus


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What ligaments support the ankle syndesmosis?Anterior-inferior tibiofibular ligament Posterior-inferior tibiofibular ligament Interosseous tibiofibular ligament
What is Bassett's ligamentHypertrophic AITFL
Another name for the flexor retinaculumLaciniate ligament
Another name for the superior extensor retinaculumTransverse crural ligament
Another name for the inferior extensor retinaculumCrucially crural ligament
What is the incidence of peroneus quartus7%
What is a baker's cystBursitis of bursa under medial head of the gastroc behind the knee
What is a fabellaSesamoid bone found in tendon of lateral head of the gastroc
Blood supply to the superior surface of the head and neck of the talusArtery of the sinus tarsi and dorsal is pedis
Blood supply to the medial side of the body of the talusArtery of the tarsal canal
Blood supply to the lateral tubercle of the talusPeroneal artery or medial calcaneal branch
Major blood supply to cortical bonePeriosteum
Major blood supply to tendonsParatenon
Where does plantaris insert?Medial aspect of tendo-Achilles into the calcaneus
What is the Hoke tonsil?Fibrous, fatty plug within the sinus tarsi
What is pes anserinus?Insertion of sartorius, gracilis, and semitendinosus (anteromedial aspect of proximal tibia) where bursa may cause knee pain (pes anserinus bursitis)


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What nerves form the sural nerve?Medial sural cutaneous nerve 􏰀 branch of the tibial nerve
Sural communicating branch 􏰀 branch of the lateral sural cutaneous nerve, which originates from the common peroneal nerve
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does neuroma lie dorsal or plantar to the deep transverse intermetatarsal ligament?plantar
where do interossei and lumbricals run in relation to the deep transverse intermetatarsal ligament?interossei-dorsal, lumbricals-plantar
What layers of the foot do the plantar nerves run?Medial plantar nerve 􏰀 in the 1st layer (between FDB and abductor hallucis) Lateral plantar nerve 􏰀 between the 1st and 2nd
What is the innervation to the plantar muscles of the foot? Blood supply?((Never LAFF at A FAD)N-medial plantar Nerve, L-1st lumbrical A-ABH F-FHB, F-FDB(innervated by both medial and lateral plantar nerves) A-medial plantar Artery F-FDB A-ABH D-1st Dorsal interossei


What are the branches of the femoral nerve?
Trace the path of a drop of blood from left ventricle to the hallux
What are the branches of the femoral artery?
What are the sources of blood supply to the talus?
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What are the sources of blood supply to tendons?Myotendinous junction, paratenon, and at the insertion to bone