Anatomy Compend Questions

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What is a bone of the face?vomer
which quadrants of the body feed the left lymph ductleft upper, right lower, left lower
A shallow depression in a bone is reffered to as afossa
which of these valves are found in the human heartbiscupid and tricuspid valve
the basic substance of cell composition is protoplasmprotoplasm
what blood valves trasnmit de oxygenated bloodpulmonary semilunar and tricuspid valve
imaginary verticle plane that cuts thru body, side to side, right angles to the mid sagittal planecoronal plane
what blood vessles are branches of the arch of aortaleft common carotid artery, left subclavian artery, brachiocephalic artery
the olecranon process is located on the ulna
blood vessel that begins at lateral border of first rib and terminates as it passes by the tendon of teres major muscleaxillary artery
blood vessel that begins at the opening of the adductor magnus musclepopliteal artery
what is an unpaired visceral branch of the abdominal aortaceliac artery
the internal thoracic artery is a branch of the subclavian artery
what is not part of the cerebral arterial circleexternal carotid artery
imaginary vertical plane that cuts body into two symetrical halvesmedian plane

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