Anatomy ch10

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Section 1

Question Answer
endocine gland located in brain that is invvolved in biorhythmspineal gland
contraction of uterine and milk ductsoxytocin
excess of grown hormone in adult after growth has been attainedacromegaly
homrones are carried to target cells byblood
metabolic rate of body cells is regulated bythyroid hormone
hormone stimulating development of male sex organs and secondary sex characteristictestosterone
hormone secreted by the thymus glandthymosin
endocrine gland secreteshormones
select response that is not associated with insulindiabetes insipidus
pancreatic hormone that increases concentration of blood sugarglucagon
hormonal disorder: low level of blood glucosehypoglycemia
secretion of melatoninby pineal glad; lowest in daytime; regulated by exposure to light
hormonal disorder; high level of blood surgar and onset prior to adulthoodinsulin dependent diabetes mellitus
adrenocorticotropic hormone stimulates secretion of hormones byadrenal cortex
hormone that reduces volume of water in urineantidiuretic hormone

Section 2

Question Answer
secretion of hormone by anterier pit. gland is regulated byhypothalamus
hormone stimulating testosterone luteinizing hormone
endocrine gland plays a rold in development of immunity isthymus
anterier pit. stimulated to secrete hormones byreleasing hormones
parathyroid hormone acts toincreas blood calcium concentration
posterior pit. hormones secreted byneurons that originate in the hypothalamus
select the respons thats not an action of prolactinstimulates oxycotin secretions
hormone that directly stimulates development of femaleestrogen
mineralocorticoids regulate the blood concentration ofsodium and potassium ions
anterior pituitary hormone responsible for normal growth by stimulation cell division and enlargement of body cellsgrowth hormone
function of the Endocrine system is toBoth coordinate body functions and maintain homostasis
Select the response that is not associated with diabetes insipidusHigh blood glucose concentration
Epinephrine and norepinephrine are secreted by theAdrenal Medulla
Calcitonin is produced by theThyroid
Hypersecretion of thyroid hormone is the cause of Grave's disease
The secretion of thyroid hormone is stimulated by thyroid-stimulating hormone from theanterior Pituitary