Anatomy ch 9(2)

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Section 1

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Creatine Phosphatea high energy molecule only found in muscles. Used during the "warming up" period of exercise
ATPmain energy molecule used by the body
lactic acidan acid produced in the muscles during muscle contraction. It causes muscles to fatigue easier
Glycolysisthe breakdown of glucose to produce ATP. Done in a series of steps to get the most amount of energy.

Section 2

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Graded responsesdifferent levels of muscle contraction. May be slight or full
Muscle twitchesare involuntary spasms of skeletal muscle (abnormal). May mean there is a problem with the nervous system
Muscle tonestate of continuous, partial contractions. Makes the muscle appear strong and firm. Is voluntary
ATPaseenzyme that produces ATP

Section 3

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Tetanusa continuous strong contraction of a muscle. Muscle is unable to relax. May lead to lockjaw. Tetanus shots help prevent this
Flaccidwhen the muscle appears flabby
Muscle fatiguethe decline in ability for the muscle to generate force. May be a result of vigorous exercise