Anatomy Bone Test

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Question Answer
JointsWhere two bones meet
ligamentsConnects bone to bone
Cartilagestrong, flexible connective tissue
Axial Skeletonbones that form the longitudinal axis of the body
Appendicular Skeletonbones of the limbs and girdles
Hematopoiesisblood cell formation in red marrow cavities of certain bones location: usually spongy bone
Long Bonesthe length of the bone exceeds its width ex: Humerus, Femur
Short BonesCubelike with roughly equal lengths and widths - carpals, tarsals
Flat Bones Flat Bones Thin, flattened, with slight curvature Compact bones with spongy layer - Sternum, ribs
Irregular BonesIrregular Bones Variety of shapes Usually connected to other bones - Vertebrae, pelvis
Sesamoid BonesPatella (the only named sesamoid bone in the body)

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