Anatomy Body Planes and Sections

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Section 1

Question Answer
Frontal (coronal) planeDivides the body into anterior and posterior parts;
Transverse planeRuns horizontally from right to left, dividing the body into superior and inferior parts
Midsagittal (median sagittal plane) PlaneA line that runs through the middle of the forhead, tip of the nose and umbilicus
Anatomical PositionThe body is in an erect/standing position with the arms on the sides and palms forward.
SuperiorToward the head end or upper part of a structure or the body.
Inferior (caudal)Away from the head end or toward the lower part of a structure or the body
Anterior (ventral)Toward or at the front of the body
Posterior (dorsal)Toward or at the back of the body
MedialToward or at the midline of the body
LateralAway from the midline of the body
ProximalCloser to the origin of the body part
DistalFurther from the origin of a body part
Superficial (external)Toward or at the body surface
Deep (internal)Located deep inside the structure