Anatomy boards part 2

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Where does the middle cardiac veins empty into?coronary sinus
What kind of collagen do you find in dentin?type 1 collagen
What diffuses across membranes easily except? Na, glucose,O2, CO2, ethanolNa; glucose requires GLUT transports but Na+ is least diffusible
How does stomach take in more foodreceptive relaxation
14. What vein joins the facial vein to the cavernous plexus?ophthalmic v
where is ulnar n most likely to get damage a. wrist b. hands c. elbowelbow
What artery first branches off of the subclavian a?vertebral
What does the sigmoid sinus empty into?internal jugular v
which vessel does a berry aneurysm damage?middle cerebral
carotid trianglecarotid a, internal jugular vein vagus n
what innervates lower lipmental n
When you stick out your tongue and it deviates to the left which muscle is injured?Left genioglossus
What does the internal thoracic a become?musculophrenic & superior epigastric
What does sympathetic system have the most control over?vessels of skin
What do you find in the pterygoid palatine fossa?V2
what innervates larynxrecurrent laryngeal
cricothyroid innervationexternal laryngeal n
what innervates extensors of arm & forearmradial n
primary jaw closermasseter
What does ansa cervicalis innervate?Infrahyoid muscles
What innervates levator palpebrae superioris muscle?Oculomotor
What nerve originates from the dorsal midbraintrochlear
What does CN 9 innervate?Stylopharyngeus
What does the right ventricle pump blood into?Pulmonary trunk

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where is mcburney's pt located?1/3 distance btw ant superior iliac spine & umbilicus; appendicitis