Anatomy and Physiology Final Exam Sequence 3

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Section 1

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The thoracic and abdominal cavities of the body are separated by the diaphragm
The main tissue of the outer layer of the skin isepithelial
The gland that are saclike in structure and produce oily secretions that lubricate the skin aresebaceous
The portion of the skeletal bone that manufactures blood cells is the red bone marrow
The structures that attach muscles to bones aretendons
Nerve fibers are insulated and protected by a fatty material calledmyelin
The function of the lacrimal apparatus is toproduce tears to lubricate the eye
A bone that is part of the pelvic girdle is the ischium
The cellular components of the blood includeerythrocytes, leukocytes and thrombocytes
The chambers of the heart are theventricles and atria
An organ located in the upper left quadrant is thespleen
An example of active immunity isproducing antibodies as a result of having a disease
The structure in the body also known as the voice box is the larynx
The wavelike movement that propels food through the digestive tract is calledperistalsis
The process that does not require oxygen for the breakdown of glucose is referred to as beinganaerobic
The term that means the body is in a state of equilibrium or balance ishomeostasis
The funnel shaped basin that forms the upper end of the ureter is the renal pelvis
In both males and females, the entire pelvic floor is called theperineum
A pregnancy that develops in a location outside the uterine cavity is referred to asectopic
Which of the following body systems includes the thyroid and pituitary glandsendocrine

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The term inguinal pertains to what area or structure of the bodygroin
The measure of acidity or alkalinity of a solution is calledpH
A term that describes a solution that has the same concentration as cell fluids isisotonic
The fibrous bands that support organs to hold them in place arefascia
The membrane that surround the heart is the pericardium
The small tip of cartilage at the lower end of the sternum is called the xiphoid process
The major muscle in the body that assists in raising the arm away from the body is thedeltoid
Cells that carry or transmit impulses towards the central nervous system are calledafferent neurons
The space in the brain where cerebrospinal fluid is formed is the ventricles
Impulses from the receptors for smell are carried to the brain by theolfactory nerve
The hormone that is essential for growth is produced in the pituitary gland
Which of the following represent layers of the heartepicardium and myocardium
The blood vessel that brings blood from the head, chest and arms back to the heart is thesuperior vena cava
Which of the following is the proper sequence for the flow of blood in the bodyartery --> arteriole --> capillary
The condition of inflammation of the lymphatic vessels is calledlymphangitis
The lymphatic system includes the following organs except hypothalamus
The process in which white blood cells take in an destroy waste and foreign material is calledphagocytosis
The structure common to the respiratory and digestive systems is the pharynx
An accumulation of air in the plural space that may lead to collapse of the lung is referred to aspneumothorax
The leaf shaped cartilage that covers the opening of the larynx is the epiglottis

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Most of the digestive process occurs in thesmall intestine
The lining of the stomach has many folds calledrugae
The first portion of the small intestine is called theduodenum
An accumulation of excessive fluid in the intercellular spaces is called edema
The kidneys are located in the retroperitoneal space
The term hydronephrosis meansdistension of the renal pelvis resulting from obstructed flow of urine
The sex glands of the male and female reproductive system are thetestes and ovaries
Hematopoiesis is thegeneration of cells that produce blood
The largest artery in the body is the abdominal aorta
The term that refers to absence of menstrual flow in a women of reproductive age is amenorrhea
The hormone produced by the embryonic cells of the fetus ishuman chorionic gonadotropic hormone
A substance necessary for proper formation of a blood clot isthrombin
The left atrioventricular valve in the heart is also know as the mitral valve
The only artery in the body that carries deoxygenated blood is the pulmonary artery
A localized dilation resulting from weakness of a blood vessel wall is ananeurysm
An example of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is emphysema
A portion of the large intestine is thesigmoid
A chronic degenerative disease of the liver is cirrhosis
The tube that permits urine to pass from the bladder to the outside of the body is theurethra
The innermost layer of the uterus is the endometrium

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The frontal or coronal plane of the body divides the body into front and rear
The membrane attached to the internal organs is the visceral layer
The terms that describes a disorder that breaks down tissues in a body system is degenerative
The study of the cause of any disease or of all the factors that may be involved in the development of a disease is etiology
The chronic skin condition characterized by a red, flat area covered with silvery scales ispsoriasis
Which of the following is not one of the cranial bonesmaxilla
The bone that is part of the shoulder girdle and is between the sternum and scapula is theclavicle
The type of muscle responsible for producing peristalsis is smooth
The type of joint motion that allows movement away from the midline of the body, such as moving the arms straight out the side isabduction
The sympathetic system of the autonomic nervous system is responsible for dilation of the bronchi of the lungs
The portion of the brain that aids in the coordination of voluntary muscle action is thecerebellum
Strabismus is a condition of the eye causingcross eyed appearance
A structure found in the inner ear is the cochlea
The cluster of cells called the islets of langerhans are located in the pancreas
A goiter is associated with abnormal function of the thyroid gland
The Rh factor in blood is an antigen that affects a persons blood type
The area of the heart that initiates a heart beat is the sinoatrial node
A heart disease that is present at birth iscongenital heart disease
Which of the following blood vessels is proximal to the heartascending aorta
Acquired, natural, active immunity is achieved bycontracting the disease
The human immunodeficiency virus is the cause of which diseaseacquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Section 5

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Which of the following statements is accurate about the lungsthe sac covering the lungs is the pleural sac
A communicable infectious disease of the lungs istuberculosis
An example of an inflammatory bowel disease is Crohn Disease
A function of the liver is to detoxify harmful substances, such as alcohol or certain drugs
A fluid contained within the body cells is calledintracellular fluid
Two important electrolytes found in the body arepotassium and sodium
A condition resulting from renal failure an causing high levels of blood urea nitrogen isuremia
The period of pregnancy is calledgestation
The hormone that causes contraction of the uterine muscle during labor isoxytocin
The region located directly below the umbilical region is the hypogastric region
An example of exocrine glands aresebaceous glands
The order of the vertebral column from top to bottom iscervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, coccyx
The muscle located on the anterior thigh and that functions to extend the leg is the quadriceps femoris
The artery located on the upper arm is the brachial artery
Any foreign substance that enters the body and induces an immune response is a antigen
The smaller leg bone, lateral to the tibia is the fibula
The small pouch that is the first part of the large intestine is the cecum
The hormone that regulates the amount of water that is eliminated with urine is ADH
An excessive curvature in the thoracic portion of the spinal column, also known as hunchback iskyphosis

Section 6

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Diabetic retinopathy is a result of damage to the eyes
Which of the following statements is truetype 2 diabetes is non insulin dependent diabetes
Which of the following is a protein found in the epidermis that makes the skin waterproodkeratin
What is the most common condition of the eye associated with agingpresbyopia
What structure is at the neck of the bladder and surrounds the urethra prostate
The epigastric anatomical region of the abdomen is located distal to the sternum
Collagen, a substance found in the dermis is a fibrous protein
Which of the following glands are located on the sides of the vaginal opening and produce mucus bartholin
The organ located in the right upper abdominal quadrant beneath the diaphragm is theliver
The master gland of the body is the pituitary
A fracture of the radius characterized by bending of the bone with the skin left in tact is thegreenstick, closed
Spermatazoa normally fertilize the female ovum in the fallopian tube
The glomerulus is a cluster of blood capillaries found in the nephron
The disorder characterized by uncontrollable episodes of falling asleep isnarcolepsy
The regulation of body temperature is controlled by the hypothalamus
Which of the following substances is not a neurotransmitteraldosterone
Cranial Nerve 1, the olfactory nerve, is related to the sense of smell
A blood cell that carries oxygen and has no nucleus is an erythrocyte
During respiration, exhaled air contains primarily carbon dioxide
A condition causing backflow of stomach acid through an incompetent esophageal sphincter is calledGERD

Section 7

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The bleeding was probably coming from thefemoral artery
The type of fracture iscompound
Robert most likely also suffered a MTBI
The involved bone is the femur
The medical assistant reading the medical record is appropriate